Selecting the Best Domain Name for your Law Firm

If you have a law firm, it’s a crucial and important task for you to find a domain name that fits perfectly for your company and most of the time, law firms don’t really consider all the necessary factors that should be considered when coming up with a decision for the company’s name.

Listed below are some of the things you should focus on when you’re considering a domain name for your law firm’s website or blog.


  •         Keywords

Once you start thinking about the domain name you want to use for your law firm, you should consider four to five different phrases or keywords that easily characterizes your practice; consider the types of phrases or words that people would use when searching for your services on the World Wide Web, what do they usually look for?

When you’ve already collected a few name choices, you can group them together to come up with a unique identity for your firm, or simply add extra words to create a domain name for the company. Play around with your choices until you find a good and available match.


  •         Credibility

Your domain name should give off trust to your customers so you should pick a domain name that is easy to convey the most trust to customers and your potential clients as well.


  •         Professionalism

A law firm’s name should be more professional and set much higher compared to other company types that are found online. People will always get their first impression of you and your firm based on your company’s name, and this commonly happens even before they visit your website.


  •         Choose a Name That Is Easy To Remember

Yes, you want the name to be professional but catchy and unique; however, it’s still best to keep the name simple and easy to remember by everyone. You need to consider picking a domain name that people can easily recall and spell out since it’s highly essential when advertising the domain offline where most people will have to type in the domain name when they wish to return.

Also, it’s a smart idea to use .com as much as possible since there are still people who are not tech-savvy and are also unaware that there are other available domain extensions out there.


  •         Opt For Shorter Names

Since we want an easy name to remember, go for a shorter and much simpler name to type in. Not only will it be easier for people to recall but it will fit better onto business cards and will also be easier to use as an e-mail address.


  •         Go For Names That Describe Your Company

Don’t make people guess what your website is all about. Your domain name should easily identify and describe what your products or services are. On the most basic level, your domain name should easily communicate that your website is about the law or legal services, or to be more specific, you can identify the practice areas you cover. Just make sure that you are describing and communicating to your prospective customers what your services are so they can easily understand that your business is a law firm.

Another option would be launching a naming contest with the use of crowsourcing sites like Squadhelp where you can get numerous domain name suggestions that have been well-thought out and are highly memorable for your law firm. Listed here are some of the domain names for law firms that have previously been submitted on Squadhelp:


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