Smart Ways to Name your IT Firm

Coming up with a smart and catchy name for your IT firm is different compared to non-tech companies; unlike most of the non-tech businesses around, technology company name ideas need to induce an ‘edge’ while also conveying a straightforward mindset of how valuable the firm is.


If your new business is under technology, IT services, hardware, technical support, electronics, telecom, and every other technology area, all your customers will have increased expectations from your startup. Generally, customers automatically expect that IT Firms’ services are the finest and the forefront of modernization and innovation; this is why selecting an effective name with anedge is the best way to catch their attention. You should also choose a name that will reflect or at least give your customers and prospects an idea of what your IT Firm has to offer. Once the name that you select piques their interest, these customers / prospects will automatically assume that your IT services will be a dominant element for their marketplace.


For you to be able to come up with great company name ideas for your IT Firm, here are a few ways to create a unique company name for your business:


  • Consider the Key Elements of your Business


Start by determining what you want to communicate through the name and remember that it should strengthen your business’ key elements. When developing your company’s mission statement and niche, it will help you define all of the elements that you want your name to reflect; the more your name communicates to customers and prospects, the lesser effort you will have when it comes to explaining this.


  • Make the Name Unique and Unforgettable


This is called “stickiness” in the trade; every IT firm prefers to have a unique company name that is unique, stands out from all of the competition, and can stay memorable and fresh overtime. Finding or creating a name that will be timeless can become extremely challenging since naming trends change usually by the year.


  • Use Real Words


According to the experts and professionals in naming, you should give a lot of priority to a combination of real words, or just single real words over fabricated ones. There are a lot of people whoprefer words that they can easily understand and relate to, so because of this, naming professionals generally consider initials or strings of numbers as a bad choice for names.


  • Ensure that the Name is Still Available


This is something obvious,but not being able to ensure that the name you choose is still available can cause some problems in the long run. Your IT firm name and the internet domain should be the same, so make sure that these are available for both. This is to avoid any unwanted issues in the future that may even cost you a lot.


  • The Final Results


If you are lucky enough, you may end up with three to five company name ideas that pass all your requirements and tests; but now, how do you make a final decision for your IT firm? Remember your initial criteria and decide which of these names perfectly fit your objectives and goals. Choose the name which accurately describes your IT firm.



If you think that you really cannot come up with a name on your own, remember that seeking the help of professional naming firms can actually take from six weeks to six months during the naming process. You most likely will not have all that time so one of the best ways to actually get a name is by hosting your own naming contest on sites like Squadhelp. It is easy and very convenient, plus, you will get a lot of interesting names coming from creative individuals from all over the world, suggesting great and unique names that you can use for your IT firm.