Smart Ways to Name your Transportation Network Company

A transportation network company or TNC works by connecting passengers with drivers who offer these transportation services by utilizing their personal non-commercial vehicles; for all parties to connect with each other successfully, the company’s website and mobile app is used.


Choosing a company name is known to be one of the most challenging yet vital things to do when starting a business. Coming up with a weak business name will not work in this competitive environment, and it most likely will not even impact your target market. So if you are a little puzzled with coming up with a winning name for your transportation network company, might as well gather your friends, family members, and if possible, a few individuals that make up your target market for a brainstorming session and go through some of these smart tips on how to choose a company name for your TNC.


  • Keep The Name Short


When choosing a company name, keep in mind that it is vital to come up with something short and simple; you will want your customers and prospects to easily remember your business’ name, and it will also be easier for them to inform others about this through word of mouth. Moreover, a short and simple name will be helpful for promotional purposes; it should easily fit perfectly on your business card or on your company’s logo. It should also look good when displayed in an ad or on a sign and also, the name of your business will also serve as your domain name, so a short one will make it easier for customers and prospects to find you online.


  • Make Your Services Known


The right name for your business will automatically let your customers and prospects have an idea of what your business is all about, as well as the services you offer; plus, it will also be easier for people to search for you online. This is the goal of choosing a business name and it is to make it easier and more convenient for people to find you.


  • Choose a Name that is Memorable but Easy to Spell


Of course, your potential customers and clients should be able to instantly remember your TNC’s name but at the same time, they should be able to easily find this online or in a phonebook. If your customers are having a hard time spelling, pronouncing, and even remembering the name of your business, it is one bad idea and it could sabotage your business in the long run. Remember, uniqueness is great but difficult spellings and pronunciations are not smart ideas.


  • Avoid Boxing Yourself In


Sometimes, there are names that easily inform customers what services you offer or basically what your business is all about; however, if the name limits you from expanding, developing, and growing, this is another bad idea. Try to avoid using geographic locations or specific product categories to the business name since being too specific can sometimes disrupt the growth of your TNC. Specific names can eventually confuse your customers, especially if you expand your business to other locations, or add something new to the transportation service.


  • Sample Potential Customers


Try to come up with a list that contains all the possible names for your transportation network company, then once you have accomplished the list, try showing these to your potential customers and co-workers. You can skip asking your friends and family members this time since they most likely know a lot about your business and they may be biased with their opinions. For this, you can ask your clients, prospects, and co-workers a variety of questions regarding the names on your list then see their reactions and which names they preferred.


Starting a passenger transportation company will require you to have a large outlay of capital even before you start the business. This is because of the numerous things that you will have to deal with and settle before you even begin. Aside from this, you will also have to know how to choose a company name that will be best for your business. Yet if you are having a hard time coming up with a name, you can get some naming inspiration from sites like Squadhelp where you can also host your own naming contest. It is a quick, convenient, and affordable way to acquire creative names that will perfectly fit your transportation network business.