Tips on Creating Catchy Taglines for Online Dating Profiles

Aside from exhibiting a good screen name, numerous online dating websites allow its users show a phrase which is called a tagline. There are some websites that enable you to select a lengthy screen name as well as a tagline but that can become quite overwhelming at some point, so it is best to choose […]

Best Social Media Platforms for Online Businesses

If you want to increase your brand presence, it has been suggested that you should be active on all or most forms of social media; and while this idea may be true, unless your company or business has a dedicated coordinator who manages your social media accounts, finding enough time to maintain and manage all […]

How to Choose Catchy Names for your Dating App

It may sound simple but naming your application, especially a dating app, is actually one of the most difficult things to do, especially when you are uninspired. A lot depends on your app’s name and if it does not suggest what it actually does or what the game is about, it should at least be […]

The DOs and DON’Ts of Naming an App

Choosing an interesting and catchy name for your mobile app can sometimes be the most complicated part of the whole development process; it also demands a lot of thought. When users leaf through the app marketplace to find various apps to download, the first thing that catches most user’s attention is the name of the […]