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10 Sexy French Words to Inspire Your Elegant Brand Name


Associated with things such as the romance of Paris, fine food, and high culture, the French language has continually attracted the interest of people all across the world. Even for those who are unable to understand it, there is something about French that makes it the natural language of romantics. If you are in the process of naming your business, you may want to consider incorporating a...

Tech Startup Name Ideas to Inspire Your New Brand


If you are the founder of any sort of startup organization, one of the first things you are going to need to do is find a good name for your tech startup. With a list of good tech startup names, you can create a lasting impression with potential clients and get your business off the ground and running. Unfortunately, coming up with original tech startup name ideas can be rather difficult. There...

A Proven Approach to Creating Awesome Business, Brand, and Startup Name Ideas

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Many customers expressed a great feeling of relief after being taught this new approach to naming. Several individuals reported finding great names almost immediately after learning about this approach, even after struggling for weeks or months to find a great name. This two-part post reveals the details of our new approach to naming. Continue reading if you'd like to: (1) Understand the...

Insights from 17,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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