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How to Name Your Business – Making Your Brand Explode With a Stellar Business Name


So, you need a brand name for your new and totally awesome startup, new venture, passion project, or whatever it may be.  You sat down in front of your computer and expected the perfect name to just… exist. Three cups of coffee later, you tried every business name generator out there only to be greeted with generic, lame names.  (Business name generators are not our friends) ...

How and When to Use Emotional Appeals in Business Names


Aristotle outlined three principle persuasion techniques, Ethos (ethical appeals), Logos (logical appeals), and Pathos (emotional appeals). Because your business name is a means of persuading your potential customers to buy your product or service, you can utilize aristotelian rhetoric when naming your business. This article outlines the strength of emotion appeals when applied to business naming...

How Poetry Can Help You Name Your Business


Why read Yates? Why did they teach Shakespeare in school? It’s not like you’ll ever have to apply poetry to your life when you grow up, right? Maybe not quite. Poetic techniques are a fantastic tool when it comes to  choosing a name for your business. Poetic devices bring two strengths to your business name. They aid in memorability, making it easier for people to pass your brand name along for...

How to create a great mash-up business name


When creating a business, it is often thought that choosing a catchy name can be the trickiest part. The name has to be unique, interesting, and memorable. What Goes into a Mash-Up Name? In a mash-up business name, two or more words may come together to form a new meaning that conveys the mission of a business. Examples may include ‘Mash Ups SharpCast (Sharp + Broadcast) or Groupon (Group +...

7 of the worst business names


What is in a business name? In business, the name is the first thing people would know about your business. They may hear or see your product or experience your service, but it is in the name that they will be able to identify your business identity and speculate on the brand. The name often defines the kind of business the company runs and/or its target market or niche. Thus, a business name...

Top Names Our Community Picked In Accounting & Finance

Bookkeeping business name idea

We have a creative set of freelancers here at Squadhelp, and they all come up with great ideas for company names. Here we have collated some of our favourite finance and accounting company names along with the customer brief, let us know your favourite in the comments! #1 Type of Business Accounting & Finance Target Customers Age 50+, US based, looking to protect their family from financial...

Insights from 30,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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