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Advanced Naming Techniques To Solidify Your Brand


  No matter the size of your company or what your product is, when it comes down to naming, we all want a name to stick. Besides the obvious ways and basic strategies for naming, here are some advanced techniques that go above and beyond: Branding Building a brand image is not easy. Thousands of times per year new products and companies are launched along with their new name. When evaluating...

Smart Ways to Name your Transportation Network Company


A transportation network company or TNC works by connecting passengers with drivers who offer these transportation services by utilizing their personal non-commercial vehicles; for all parties to connect with each other successfully, the company’s website and mobile app is used.   Choosing a company name is known to be one of the most challenging yet vital things to do when starting a...

Ways of Naming Your Aesthetic Clinic


Today, businesses that offer cosmetic surgery are all over the place which makes standing out in the crowd quite difficult. Building your brand is vital to draw in new clients and this will also keep them from continuously utilizing your services. Choosing a company name that is effective and unique is important since this will make first impressions last; moreover, if you end up selecting the...

Guide on Selecting Highly Efficient SEO Keywords


Aside from choosing a company name that is smart, catchy, and effective, the keyword search is known to be one of the most vital and valuable activities when it comes to the search marketing field. When ranking for the best and correct keywords can either make or break your online site, so by doing a little research based on your target market’s keyword demand, you will not only gain knowledge on...

Smart Ways to Name your Medical Clinic


When you plan to start your own medical clinic, remember that you are establishing a clinic for patients to create something great that will help a lot of individuals when it comes to dealing with health related issues. Names are extremely powerful and selecting the most appropriate and adequate name for your medical clinic can make a lot of difference.   So to give you great ideas on how to...

Choosing a Name for our Healthcare Business


The actual process of naming a business can be a highly stressful and challenging thing; you will want to select a name that will last and actually embody your company’s values and distinct aspects. Choosing a company name that is catchy, unique, and professional is indeed crucial for your healthcare business since while providing excellent services, you will simultaneously build the name of your...

How to Name your Baking Business


When you finally get the chance to develop your hobby of creating delectable sweets into an official pastry or cake business, it will definitely be an exciting and great prospect for you and for those who will sink their teeth into some of your baked goodies. We all know that having really delicious desserts such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goodies are the key to a prosperous...

Insights from 18,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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