Insights from 19,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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All you need to know about choosing a fashion label


You are eager to express your creativity in the fashion industry. You have all the styling and fashion ideas, yet the process of choosing a fashion label for your business seems to be a thought provoking process. With so many ideas in mind, you find it difficult to filter and choose one which perfectly fits your style. There are many names in the fashion industry which are already recognizable...

Finding a Trendy and Catchy Name for your Cosmetic Brand


If you are starting a business for makeup and cosmetic brands, then we must congratulate you for thinking of getting into this type of business. Although you probably already know that starting any type of business can be a very tedious and daunting task, it is still also very rewarding and fun when you get past the obstacles that most business owners go through every single time.   It may...

Marketing strategies for your fashion label


We all know that the fashion industry is a very aggressive, ambitious, and competitive place; with various celebrity lines and endorsements, designers who create clothes right in the comfort of their homes or stores filled with merchandise, you surely have a lot of competition to face before you can even introduce your own fashion line to prospective customers.   Despite these circumstances...

Create a Trendy Brand Name for Your Fashion or Clothing Line


You are excited about starting your own fashion line or clothing retail shop, but you still haven’t decided on a name for your business and brand. A lot of people think that this part of the business isn’t as important as the other aspects so they tend to give less attention to naming.   Despite this idea, this part is just as vital as any other aspect necessary for building your business...

Insights from 19,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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