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Smart Ways to Name your IT Firm


Coming up with a smart and catchy name for your IT firm is different compared to non-tech companies; unlike most of the non-tech businesses around, technology company name ideas need to induce an ‘edge’ while also conveying a straightforward mindset of how valuable the firm is.   If your new business is under technology, IT services, hardware, technical support, electronics, telecom, and...

Name a Business – Ways to Name your Food Truck Business


What is in the name of your food truck business? Some would say it is the success and failure of a business or company but as a culinary entrepreneur, selecting a name for your food truck is a very important, crucial, and critical task. Going through a list of ideas for business names can actually be a long and tedious task. When trying to come up with an efficient and effective name for your...

Selecting a Unique Company Name for your Toy Store


Choosing a company name for your toy store can be a very stressful task; you want a name that will last a long time and can represent your company’s distinguishable characteristics, goals, as well as values. However, screening a list of ideas for company names together with a focus group (usually composed of family and friends) can bring about a huge mix of results.   Here are some tips to...

How to Choose a Company Name for your Craft Business


Choosing the right name for your craft business is one of the most important things when you are starting a business; it is also a decision that will need a great amount of thinking and research to be able to come up with the best and most efficient name. The name for your company or business is one of the first things that the general public will notice, and from there, your business or...

Ways to Name your Publishing Company


If you have finally decided on creating your own publishing company, you will have to first come up with one of the most important elements when establishing any type of business – creating an efficient, unique, and a really captivating name. Common publishing company names that are created by self-publishing writers are usually geographically based that indicates where the author resides, are...

Is it Best to Publish your Prices or Not?


One of the biggest questions that have been in the minds of a lot of business owners is if they should publish the prices of their products on their websites or not. It has been an on-going curiosity among a lot of online business ownersbut if we base it on tradition, these individuals back then were inclined to keep the price of the products off their websites.   Nowadays, it is easy for...

Smart Marketing Strategies to Boost your Home-Based Business


You have just established your home-based business and now is the time to start promoting it to attract and interest new customers or clients; but as a first-timer when it comes to handling a home-based business, you know that there will be a lot of challenges and difficulties that you will face along the way. It is a fact that fresh home-based businesses do not have enough finances and resources...

Insights from 18,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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