Insights from 19,000+ Naming and Branding Projects


Name your Business, Brand, Product, or Just About Anything


Your name is a huge part of your identity, so why would the name you choose for your brand be any different? Coming up with the right name for your business is essential to standing out in today’s competitive marketplace and attracting the attention of customers and top workforce talent. A catchy name can give you that initial advantage, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and stay in...

Ways to Improve your Search Ranking


Appearing on search engines is probably one of the most critical and important ways to boost your website’s traffic while also exposing your content, services, or products to those who may be interested in what your company or business has to offer. For you to achieve this, it is a must that you practice a little bit of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.   Keep in mind that a large number of...

Best Design Company Logo Maker and Creation Tools


Designing a company logo is another crucial task for any company because it is used to promote and successfully advertise its message to the clients and prospects. Logos work for the effective, rapid, and apparent communication of the business, events, and brands to reach out to its intended prospects.   If you need a beautiful and unique design company logo, it is necessary that you seek...

How to Create a Design Company Logo for your Photography Business


Photography may sound simple to some, but it is one of the most competitive industries around; also, there are a lot of photographers present with highly comparable and notable skills. Since there are a lot of similar aspects when it comes to different photography businesses, this is where branding enters to help give you an advantage over all of your competitors.   For everyone, a design...

Tips on how to Name your Time Tracking App


If you have successfully created your Time Tracking mobile app, you will now have to think of a good name that will fit perfectly for this. What names would be unique, interesting, and catchy while it can also be easy to remember? These are the things you should consider when thinking of a great name for your mobile application.   You will need a lot of thought and creativity to come up with...

Ways to Effectively Optimize Images on your Site


A lot of business owners disregard this but images can greatly generate a generous amount of traffic from search engines that are image-based – Google Images is one example of this. If you are a business owner who wishes to generate more traffic to your website, it is crucial that you learn various and effective ways to optimize images to increase your site’s traffic. It may sound like a very...

The Impact of Favicons on SEO and is it Necessary for your Site?


If you are not too sure about what Favicons are, these are small 16×16 pixel icons that commonly have the first letter or logo of a specific brand; it can also represent a generic image to represent the type of business that one has. These are commonly placed in files called favicon.ico, and are allocated in a website’s root directory.   Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 5 (1995) was the...

Insights from 19,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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