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Tech Startup Name Ideas to Inspire Your New Brand


If you are the founder of any sort of startup organization, one of the first things you are going to need to do is find a good name for your tech startup. With a list of good tech startup names, you can create a lasting impression with potential clients and get your business off the ground and running.

Unfortunately, coming up with original tech startup name ideas can be rather difficult. There are a lot of different approaches you can potentially use when naming your company, each with various merits and drawbacks. One of the best ways to begin brainstorming is by looking at other technology startup names for inspiration.

Crikle is a service delivery platform whose name is representative of a frequent trend in the tech industry. The company has created a word that is uniquely their own. By doing so, every time this word is used, it will be associated with the company.

Remotical is a visual remote tech support app. This app was named using another strategy that is particularly common in the tech industry—taking a word relating to your product (in this case, remote) and modifying it to make the word distinctive to you.

Name For an Employee Communication Portal

The Daily Stream is an employee communication portal. This name is particularly effective because the word daily helps encourage regular usage among its clients and the word stream provokes a sense of efficiency.

CloudCoder, as the name might imply, is a cloud computing firm. When thinking of tech startup name ideas, sometimes simplicity is what is most effective. Cloud Coder is a name that is not only very straightforward (describing exactly what the company does), it is also easy to remember because of the use of alliteration.

Name For

LockSwift is a home access control app. This name utilizes the common trend of taking two words and combining them into one. The word lock establishes a sense of security and the word swift creates the impression that using the app will be hassle-free.

Name For a Digital Prototyping Business

IgnitiveLabs is a digital prototyping company. The naming strategy that they choose to use is very comparable to that of LockSwift. The word ignitive sparks the image of something (such as a business model) igniting. The word labs is useful because it establishes a sense of scientific legitimacy.

Name For

BestQwest is a global executive search network. This name is a prime example of effective tech startup names for multiple reasons. The use of the term best immediately positions itself as a high-quality product. Additionally, the use of rhyming will help make this particular name easier for potential clients to remember.

These are just a few examples of tech startup name ideas that can inspire you to begin thinking about some names of your own.

The first thing I would do when trying to figure out how to name my tech startup is begin with a simple brainstorming session.

Finding the perfect name for your company will likely require a good amount of effort. If you can simultaneously look at what has worked in the past and also come up with some creative twists of your own, you will certainly be off to a very good start.

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