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The Best Brand Name Generators


When you are someone who is trying to come up with a really unique and catchy business name, you’ll surely be faced with the fact that almost all of the good and unique ones have already been trademarked and registered by someone else. You might end up drawing a blank while brainstorming for name ideas, which in turn, might lead to frustration since it feels like there are no names that match your requirements for your brand.


Although finding a name for your brand can become a really difficult and tedious task, don’t get discouraged.  You can turn to business name generators to get some inspiration or use crowdsourcing to get lots of good name suggestions for a small fee. Using business name generators doesn’t necessarily mean that you will find that perfect name you want for your business, but the names that these suggest can help you think of various ideas that can bring you to a name of your choice. Here are some of the free, effective brand name generators as well as low cost crowdsourcing alternatives that may help you get some concepts for your ideal brand name.


Option 1: Name Generators


1. BizNameWiz

Their is a free company name generator that has produced more than a million names until now and has around fifty thousand domain name searches every day. Because of this being a fast and private name generator, your company name and ideas will be safe and protected from being stolen by others.


2. Dot-O-Mator Web 2.0 Name Generator

This is another crafty web application that can help you in creating domain names. Simply put in a set of words or just a word in their provided area, select or add your own endings then click to produce a name for you. The generator allows you to continue running various lists of names until you have finally decided on one that fits your brand. Once you’re satisfied with the given name, you can check to ensure if the domain name is still available for use or not.


3. Name Thingy

Name Thingy is another one of those effective and efficient brand name generators that help when it comes to domain, stage, business, blog, and other names required. It is said that the generator has almost trillions of names waiting to be evaluated, and it offers a continuous feed of names; these names can be clicked on to allow you to see the domain name’s availability.


4. Net

A free online generator that generates business, domain, and product names while also providing free information and tips on different types of naming, what and what not to do when naming, and also answers to some of the most vital naming-related inquiries coming from individuals and companies.


5. Com

This is a brand name generator that randomly produces names based on your choice of keywords that are the most adequate and relevant for your company. Not only that but it allows you to pick exactly how the letters on those keywords interchange to create different varieties of names that can be possibly used for your brand. The best thing about this generator is that it also checks if that particular domain name is already registered or not.


Option 2: Crowdsourcing

If you do not want to sort through random options generated by name generators, you can turn to Crowdsourcing to get targeted name suggestions by naming experts across the globe. For example, at Squadhelp, you can launch a naming contest and receive 100’s of name suggestions within 24 hours. These suggestions come from top namers across the globe and are personalized to your brief. Namers have submitted over 1.8 Million names and tag lines on Squadhelp. You can launch a naming contest for as low as $99 and get a high quality, memorable name for your company or brand.

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