The DOs and DON’Ts of Naming an App

Choosing an interesting and catchy name for your mobile app can sometimes be the most complicated part of the whole development process; it also demands a lot of thought. When users leaf through the app marketplace to find various apps to download, the first thing that catches most user’s attention is the name of the app.


Considering that there are tons of choices you will be faced when deciding on an app name, your first thought would be to use a trendy naming convention to make the app look like it fits perfectly with other famous and in-demand apps. An example would be adding prefixes before the app name such as “Insta-“ or by using the alias “Angry” to describe or identify your game that basically throws animals at objects that are immovable.


However, even if the name of your app would gain recognition initially, lack of an original name might hinder the adoption, and your app might lose momentum over time.


So how does one choose the most ideal name for a mobile app? Below is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for us to follow when creating a mobile app name:



  • Limit and restrict your title to about 24 characters only. Doing so will make the title look more pleasing when seen in the search results.
  • Ensure that the title you plan to use is not already taken. Spend some time and do some research on the app store to avoid wasting time on having to deal with copyright lawyers anytime in the future.
  • When choosing a title, make sure that it is simple, easy to spell and pronounce, as well easy to remember. Repeating letters or sounds work great when naming an app and it will make your title unforgettable.
  • Be relevant when choosing a name for your app. If you have a social or gaming app, you can get creative when coming up with a good name; however, when your app is for business or utilities, the name should be relevant to its use and functionality. Creativity is key – remember that your app name needs to give users an idea of what it is for and what it can do.



  • Never include special characters in your app name. Adding any character that isn’t a number or letter will have a negative result when it comes to SEO results.
  • Don’t choose names that are similar to popular apps already in the market. Users will not appreciate this choice and you may even get flagged for copyright infringement.
  • Being too abstract with your title doesn’t make it better. Users should have a general idea of what your app does and how it works based on your title.
  • Name generators don’t help. They are only there to offer buzz ideas and words; plus, they don’t really offer creative names.
  • Never duplicate. If your app name is original and different from others available in the app store, do extra research and check Google and see if there are any brands or companies already using the name.


Even if everything is running smoothly, the timing of naming your application is very crucial. If you’ve already set your eyes on an app name but the development is still in progress, remember that you can’t squat on a name for a lengthy period. Give it 120 days in total to submit the initial binary for you to be able to hold onto the app name of your choice.


At Squadhelp, our community has come up with some very interesting and catchy names for Apps. For example,


  • Fyxter  for finding Handymans in the area
  • HopOn for a ride share App
  • DivvyDo for time management and task prioritization App
  • Pictzy for a Photo Sharing app
  • DutyList for a Todo App
  • Cookfy for ordering home cooked food
  • HipHep for a social networking App

Here are more ideas for your app name inspiration.