The power of a business name

What is the power of a business name? Before discussing what its power is, let us go back to naming people. Without even personally knowing or seeing a person, when you hear his/her name, you immediately create your first impressions on the person. I remember when I was talking to a client named Linda. We only chatted via a messaging application, but I was already thinking what kind of person she might be. With her name, I assumed she was soft-spoken and sweet. In Spanish and Portuguese, Linda means beautiful. In German, “linde”, which is embedded in the name Linda, means soft and tender. Thus, I was comfortable and eager to meet her. Her name sounded sweet so I was excited to speak to her personally. When we spoke and saw each other, she was indeed sweet and the other things I imagined her to be. More to that, I found her to be entertaining and smart – she may be soft-spoken but she was very professional in our engagement. And of course, she was beautiful, as the name implied. She was a fashionista and a lady who loves to travel in style.

So back to business names. Just like people’s names, business names create first impressions to potential clients and customers. The name can either invite your potential market or it could just leave them incurious and disinterested. Take for example, you are given 2 names (fiction) of a restaurant: (1) Chef George’s Kitchen and (2) Dirty Harry’s Kitchen. Which will you choose to dine-in for the night? Most people would choose number 1, rather than number 2. Chef George’s Kitchen creates a positive mindset to its target customers that the restaurant is handled and owned by a professional chef, and chefs are great with food. People trust more if the owner personally manages and even cooks the food in the restaurant. On the other hand, Dirty Harry’s Kitchen has a negative connotation to people’s minds. The negativity is created by the use of the adjective “dirty”. If you were the customer, you would not prefer a kitchen associated with dirt or even an owner who sounded very unprofessional in using the specific adjective to describe himself.

A business name is very powerful. It is the one which creates the initial identity of your organization. It is the image you are creating for your business and the first impression you are giving your potential customers and clients. Another good example is on personal names which are used to name their brands. Let’s take a look at a famous designer who is famous in establishing a very popular brand, PoloRalph Lauren. He first began designing his own men’s neckties under the brand Polo, then eventually expanded his designs to menswear line. According to the article written in Biography, Ralph Luaren was originally known as Ralph Lifshitz. He changed his name because he felt like his original name does not have enough confidence and style in the kind of business he is in, considering that he was consistently teased at school because of it during his teens. And now, the question asked is not, “Who is Ralph Lauren?” but “Who does not know Ralph Lauren?”

That is the power of a name. Your business name can either promote you or leave you in a corner without getting noticed. The name you give your business gives your potential customers an idea of your business. It gives them something to initially react and internalize. Your business name can either market your product and services to the appropriate target niche or it can send out the wrong signals. Some favorite business name submissions here in Squadhelp are the following:

  • Happy Belly – online food marketplace
  • Dreamfull – fun shopping application
  • Hammers and Heels – HGTV show hosted by two women
  • Thrifty Wheels – car dealership
  • EverOn – energy storage product
  • Neatly Managed – blog for a professional organizer

Therefore, in coming up with a name for your business, you should consider the impact it gives to your potential customers and clients. What image does it convey? What impression does it create? Does it indicate positivity? Or does it imply negativity? The name, regardless of how you came up with it, should invite people to check out your business instead of drive them away. It should ignite curiosity – do not just name your business for the sake of naming. Remember, the name has the power to make or create your business.