Tips for Choosing a Memorable Name for your Café

Who does not love coffee? A lot of people take this drink everyday to keep them going since a day without it will wear them out; because of the love for this tasty drink, searching for different coffee shops plus trying and experimenting with new tastes and kinds has somehow become a norm in this day and age. Because of the love for coffee, starting a café will be a highly profitable business if done right; so to begin, it will be best to think of a smart, unique, catchy and memorable name that can instantly attract people of all ages to your café.


Remember that a cool and interesting name is crucial to attract and interest a group of potential customers, and a lot of creative name ideas for your coffee shop will come along, as long as they will be thought out perfectly. With that, here are some tips and ideas on how to give your café a memorable name:



  • Utilize Names

This is an age-old idea but it is still utilized in this time and age; your family name or your first name could make a good one for your coffee shop since it can actually make your customers feel more connected as well.



  • Puns for Coffee

Though puns do not always work for other business names, the entertainment factor of it when it comes to your coffee shop business may be a great way to attract attention. Think of using humorous factors such as puns or rhymes to make it interesting, yet remember that these names tend to get too cute for everyone’s tastes so go easy on these as well.



  • Make use of Imagery

Make sure to keep the image and appearance of coffee present so customers and prospects can easily determine what your business has to offer. Your name should be easily recognizable even if a person drives by your business establishment; when they see the logo or name of your shop, it should be instantly clear to people that your business’ primary offering is coffee.

When it comes to your logo, remember that the image should be clear, crisp, and easy to identify – do not make it too elaborate since it could be difficult to figure out at a distance.



  • Make Use of Foreign Languages

Using a foreign name for your coffee shop business has more chances of attracting prospective customers to your shop; however, it is a must to take note of the language and it should be used correctly and appropriately. Do a little research to know the meaning of your chosen word since it may have a different meaning in another language; moreover, if you are selling products related to your coffee business, you need to incorporate your chosen names to the items as well.



  • Make it Unique

If you are not really planning to be part of a big chain of coffee shops, you will definitely prefer having a business name that can be uniquely and easily connected to your product and services.




There are tons of other ideas on how you can come up with an interestingly unique and memorable name for your coffee shop, yet there are certain things that you must make sure of; that your business can be easily identified, and it can be remembered despite having a lot of competition around. It is also best to do some thorough research to know if the name that you have chosen is already being used by another business.


Another thing to remember is to keep the name simple even if you are aiming for something unique, but do not make the name too generic or it would not have any impact. If you already have a couple of names in mind but still wish to have additional inspiration, check out the name suggestions that have just been recently submitted on Squadhelp:



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