Tips for Choosing the Best Dental Practice Name

Naming is vital and is necessary for every type of business; whether it is an outcome of the sale of a specific practice, or simply a drive for rebranding, selecting the most appropriate and relevant name for your dental practice is a major decision that one should not take lightly.


Choosing and incorporating the best name to your practice is crucial for the overall strategy of branding since it aids your patients to identify and also easily relate to the said practice. Your name should be given thoughtful and ample consideration since it is generally society’s first impression, so it is wise to give some time to sit down and choose what name will best suit your dental practice.


However, there are pros and cons when it comes to self-branding and the positive side of it would be that other dentists within your area are less likely to have the same, or at least a similar practice name with yours. But what if you plan to sell your practice sometime in the future? If you are not planning to sell your name together with the practice itself, then an entire rebranding process will be necessary once that time comes. Remember that your practice will have more worth to a potential buyer if the name is not in the brand.



Think Long-Term

Naming the practice after the dentist may seem like one of the easiest and most convenient ways to come up with a name; however, you should think long-term as well. If you have children who will one day take over your practice, then keeping the family’s name part of it would be the most appropriate naming strategy.



Future Associates

Preferably, if you plan to bring in new partners or associates to your practice anytime soon, putting off your family’s name and going for a different one may work better. One good option would be to include the city, street, town, or neighborhood in the name of your choice, so your patients will instantly know where you are located. An example of such names would be University Belt Dental Clinic or Bailey Avenue Dental.


Moreover, you can also opt for a more descriptive name where you can easily tell something about, or describe the community you are living in. Something such asAlta Vista Dental Clinic, for dental practices located in a mountainous area or community.



Practice’s Philosophy

What sets your practice apart from your competitors? Deliberate on non-generic words that exhibit and display the uniqueness of your practice; if the environment of your office displays a spa-like environ, where a tranquil and peaceful experience will be instantly felt by patients who visit, a name such as Serenity Dental Care, or the like can be an appropriate name for it.



Taglines to Convey a Complete Message

There are times when your practice name does not convey or send a direct message to the patients, so if after choosing a specific name, you still feel that it does not directly convey a complete message for your patients and prospects to understand; including taglines to differentiate your services may be highly necessary to avoid confusion in the future.


Provided here are some names that were recently submitted on Squadhelp for a dental practice:

  • MolarBear
  • Embrace Your Smile
  • Orthoposh