Tips on Choosing the Right Domain Name

On the World Wide Web, your domain name is your identity; it’s what people use to find you and it’s what the clients use to pass on to other individuals who may be prospective clients. It may not seem like it but having the right domain name is one of the most essential factors you need to consider when it comes to your business, so opt for a name that perfectly describes your business and services which will lead you to the right path in the industry. Here are a few rules that you may want to consider when choosing the perfect domain name specifically for your business.


  • Unique

You should keep in mind that your domain name is a huge part of your business’ identity, so it’s best to ensure that it’s as unique as the products and services that you offer. Never pick a name that can be easily confused with a competitor’s site since it could lead to a completely different company in the end.

Keep it unique and try to avoid things like because the actual name ‘leathershop’ is already taken. This will only lead to lost traffic on your part plus an increased bounce rate due to individuals accidentally landing on your website.


  • Make it easy to remember

If there are a lot of words and letters in your domain name, chances are that someone may eventually get it wrong or worse, completely forget it. Additionally, your domain name should be relevant to your business, products and services you offer so everyone will easily remember the name.


  • Avoid hyphens and numbers

These two are often misunderstood by many; people who ‘hear’ the name of your website won’t know if you’re using a numeral for let’s say 5, or if it’s spelled out as ‘five’. As for the hyphens, oftentimes people misplace or even forget the existence of these so it’s better to avoid these from your domain.

However, if numbers and hyphens are necessary for your domain, it’s highly suggested that you register different variations just to be safe.


  • Try using a domain tool

There are dozens of available free online tools that can be used to create domain names. These tools can help suggest some quality and interesting domain names that you can choose and get ideas from. Some of these domain tools are Dot-o-mator, DomainsBot, DomainGroovy among others.


  • Use generic top-level domains

A ton of these types of domains offer a great chance for you to register short and pertinent names that fit perfectly for your business. Here are a few other extensions and how they’re commonly used:

  • .co – an abbreviation for community, commerce, and company
  • .me – personal, resume, or blog websites
  • .org – non-profit and non-commercial organizations
  • .info – general informational sites
  • .biz – for commercial or business use such as e-commerce sites
  • . net – mostly for internet infrastructure and technical sites
  • Be direct

We all know that there are some words or phrases that can instantly catch the attention of people unless they’re your target audiences. Make sure that your name is straight to the point and direct where people will automatically know who you are, what you are able to provide and offer them with.


  • Act fast

This is one thing you should remember; domain names sell fast so register the domain name of your choice as soon as you have decided on one before someone else registers the name before you.

Here are some great names for domains that have been submitted recently on Squadhelp:


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