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Tips on Creating a Catchy Pet Shop Business Name


When you’re someone who is fond of animals, starting your own pet store can be a very fulfilling experience. So you have done all the planning, finalized a location but you are stuck with one important aspect – what to name your pet store?

Thinking of a good and appropriate pet store name could be an essential thing when opening your new pet shop, and choosing a really good one will not only draw and attract customers in; if you’re able to pick one of the best names that is catchy, memorable, and can easily represent your business, then it will easily help you and your company to stand out above all other competition around.

Naming your business is probably one of the most substantial things to consider when starting a new business or re-branding an existing pet enterprise, so here are a few steps on how to create that catchy pet shop name:


  • Know the Client Base and their Demographics

Are the ‘parents’ of these pets hip and young? Or are they generally older and more conservative? Is the location of your business found in a busy and bustling metropolitan spot, or is it in a more rural area? These are some additional factors you need to consider when creating a catchy pet shop business name.


  • Having a Fun Name is Fine

Although a large number of business experts claim that you should avoid or even stop using cute or kitschy business names, but if we’re talking about a pet shop, this rule does not really apply.  Depending on where your business is located and who your audiences are, this idea may be perfectly applicable.


  • Pet-Related Words for Your Business Name

It may be simple and a little common but it will easily help individuals know right from the beginning, what type of business you have and what you can offer them.


  • Name for Kids

Generally, when a family stops by any pet shop, the reason for this is mainly because the children begged to go in. Having a name that even children can easily remember can be very beneficial to the business.


  • Make it Catchy but Simple

A name that is simple, unique, but easy to spell and pronounce, plus a name that emphasizes what your business can offer usually does the trick.  Find a name that will fit and look perfect in your logo, ads, and even business cards or other areas where you plan to promote your business.


  • Use Rhyming Names

People tend to remember rhymes, so if you can, pick a name that people can’t get out of their minds.


  • Availability Online and Offline

Before settling on a name for your pet shop business, first make sure that there’s a domain available, then also ensure that nothing strange or unusual comes up on searches when you try looking for that name you chose. These are really simple tasks to do in less than five minutes so checking on these things before deciding on a name is best.




Following these simple tips to come up with a nice, catchy, and unique name for your shop can help your business grow, but remember to avoid business names that may contain offensive double meanings that may also not translate well for other languages. So if you decide to use a unique and foreign name for your business, do a little research and see if it does not have any offensive meaning for others, and once you have done your checks is when you can finally decide on a catchy pet shop name for your business. Here are a couple of names that were recently submitted on Squadhelp for some creative pet shop business names:

  • FetchLove
  • Pawdentify
  • Roundaroo
  • Pawables
  • PawNannies
Insights from 19,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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