Tips on Creating a Design Company Logo for your Travel Agency Business

One of the largest service industries in the whole world in terms of the generation of revenues is travel and tourism. This has long been one of the key social phenomena that are compelled by everyone’s desire for a new escapade, learning, understanding, as well as entertainment. However, with all the challenging growth, never-ending trend changes, and the cut-throat competition around, tourism and travel has become one of the most demanding industries present today.


For you to maintain and survive sustainable growth for your travel agency business, you will have to challenge and adapt to the ever-changing trends to be able to tempt travelers and tourists to take advantage of your services. One of the most effective and efficient ways of doing this is by utilizing a trendy, interesting, yet professional logo that works perfectly with the name for travel agency. If you are able to come up with a professional logo that easily shares the story of your business’ nature and goals, it can help with the continuous growth of your company.


Here are some of the few tips that can help highlight the vital strengths of your travel agency business by creating a great design company logo to distinguish your company from all the competition around.


  • Consider the Location


When companies name a business or design a logo, they make use of a variety of symbols and images that show the area in which they operate, or the country that they offer their services to. This is a great way for you to display where your travel agency operates, plus it also helps individuals have an idea about the countries or areas they can fly to; additionally, these types of logos can also help customers utilize the services that your business provides.


  • The Logo Should Deliver your Business’ Goals and Objectives


Since you are handling a travel agency business, it is necessary for you to understand that if you cannot sell and offer your services to travelers, you will be out of the race in no time. With that in mind, your design company logo should have an offer that is irresistibly fascinating enough so customers won’t be able to resist this.


Creativity plays a huge part in designing or creating your business’ logo, and you or your designers need to be highly imaginative and creative as well. This is necessary to be able to deliver the main objectives of your agency.


  • Font and Colors


Depending on the individuals your business caters to, the colors and fonts of your travel agency’s logo need to adequately appeal to them. If your agency focuses on leisure travelers, you should choose fonts that are casual and fun; however, if your business caters to business travelers, it is best that you make use of professional and formal fonts.


When it comes to the colors, these need to be eye-catching that it brings out the emotions of travelers that give them feelings of enjoyment for a great trip.Common shades of colors that are used for travel agency logos include green, yellow, blue, red, and more. Keep in mind that ‘happy’ colors such as these should be used to create a logo for your agency.



Creating an innovatively unique logo for a business in not an easy thing, and if you end up running out of your creative juices and need more smart ideas to come up with designs for your logo, you definitely need some inspiration to get your mind back into action. You can get some interesting ideas by hosting your own logo designing contest on sites such as Squadhelp where a lot of creative individuals from all over the world will compete to offer you great and unique designs for your travel agency business.