Tips on Creating a Name for Fashion Store

In the retailing business, the name of your store is the endowment of your company and brand so every single thing that you do will be linked to your store’s name. Remember, when customers or prospects talk about your store or company, they are going to automatically mention this and refer it by the name. Since the name of your fashion store will be the foundation of all your marketing strategies and efforts, this should be selected carefully and precisely. Here are some ways to effectively name your fashion store:


  • Make the Name of your Shop Relevant and Memorable

This tip already speaks for itself; however, you should not complicate things by selecting a name that is too long or complex. People will eventually have a difficult time remembering this, so when someone asks your customer where their stylish shirt/accessory/ring/bag came from, you would want them to name your fashion store successfully by simply stating its name.


  • Select a Name that Positively Projects Your Brand

Choose a name that can easily give prospects an insight on what your business is all about; for a fashion store, the name you choose should sound trendy, fun, and fashionable. Avoid using fashion shop name ideas that sound too serious, and would be more appropriate for an insurance company or a bank. To a certain extent, people should easily figure out what your business is all about once they hear the name of your store; furthermore, the name you choose should also project high standards and excellent quality.


  • Be Descriptive but Not Overly Descriptive

It is good to select a name that instantly describes what your shop sells but at the same time, the name should not be too specific especially if you plan to expand your fashion store in the future. Once you change your shop’s name, expect to lose a lot of its power and impact that was once associated with the previous name. The best thing to do before choosing a name is to plan ahead and think of the possible goals that you aim to achieve in the future. If you want to expand or eventually bring in a few other items to your fashion shop, you must think of a name that will be effective and connected to your business, despite the changes that may occur in the future.


  • Make use of Professional Assistance

The name of your fashion store is one of the most important things for your business which is why a lot of effort should be put into choosing or creating a name for this.However, it has been proven to be a difficult task especially for those who are new in the world of business, so if you can, seek the assistance of a professional to choose or create a perfect name that works effectively for your shop. Experts would easily know what to use and what to avoid when coming up with great names for fashion store.

The only problem here is that hiring a professional can be too expensive, so instead of impulsively seeking help from one, why not try a convenient option of hosting a naming contest on sites like Squadhelp.



You should keep in mind that selecting a name for your fashion store is not an easy task, but the rewards of coming up with an effective and efficient one will provide you with great rewards in the near future. Focus and take some time to choose a name for fashion store that will work best for your business, and also, make sure that it is available for business registration purposes.