Tips on Creating a Unique Name for your Web Design Business

If you are wondering how to brand yourself, the most common thing that a lot of web designers do is use their name as their brand. This option is more personal, plus, clients will instantly know that the individual they hired for the job is someone who can possibly be more flexible when it comes to their availability, and also someone who can be hired for their services at a slightly cheaper amount compared to most agencies.


Sometimes, freelance web designers also use names that are slightly more formal which sounds great for the newly established business. If you eventually plan to expand your web design business and turn it into a studio, you may opt to choose a name that is more formal and fit for your business.


Before creating and coming up with a name for your web design business, you must first think about how you want your clients and prospects to see and perceive your business and when you have thought of this, follow these simple ways on how to come up with a unique and effective name for your web design business:



  • Follow the 5-10 Rule

Notice that most of the greatest and most successful companies only have five to ten letter names for their businesses – these having at least a single consonant, plus a ton of repeating letters. Companies such as Mattel, Yahoo, Starbucks, Apple, Cisco, Verizon, and more are samples of the 5-10 Rule.


In this day and age, business names should be easy to remember, as well as to pronounce, reason why the 5-10 Rule should be utilized when it comes to coming up with names for your web design business.



  • Avoid Initials

These are boring so try to avoid using initials as much as possible; although 3M and IBM have become extremely successful by using just initials for their company’s name, your business has not been around for decades nor is it a multi-billion dollar corporation unlike these companies, so try to avoid using initials for the name and focus on utilizing interesting and unique names until then.



  • Rule of Social Media

In the past, the most common obstacle when creating an efficient business name is if it was copyrighted or if it has already been registered as a business or organization in the area. Today, the difference is that your business is required to secure website accounts and domains with various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and a lot more.



  • Display your Creativity

While you are coming up with a name that is easy to remember and pronounce, do not forget the importance of creating a name that is also unique and one-of-a-kind; keep in mind that it does not only make your business memorable but it also offers your business a huge chance for back stories if the name of your business has a special meaning.



  • Visualize your Brand

The name of a business is more than just that, it is considered to be one of the most vital elements of your business’ brand; think of your marketing materials, the domain name, and also the way the business’ name will be interpreted as different elements of the new brand that you are establishing.



If you require more ideas, as well as inspiration for creating a unique name that will be perfect for your web design business, you can click here to go through a variety of name suggestions and concepts from Squadhelp that will be of great help when coming up with your business’ name.