Tips on Creating Catchy Taglines for Online Dating Profiles

Aside from exhibiting a good screen name, numerous online dating websites allow its users show a phrase which is called a tagline. There are some websites that enable you to select a lengthy screen name as well as a tagline but that can become quite overwhelming at some point, so it is best to choose a shorter name while focusing your creativity on the tagline. Attempting to put your creative mind on both will often lead to conflict, thus, creating a confused message instead of a clear and precise one.


Apart from the profile or default picture, a tagline is generally the first thing that your eyes focus on when searching for potential and possible matches in the world of online dating; and at this day and age, with all the users that are present on various dating sites, it is vital to stand out immediately among the crowd. However, some people might dismiss you based on what you say, so here are a few tips on how to create catchy taglines for your online dating profile:



  • Determine What You Want to Write

Generally, taglines are difficult and tricky to write but when you make a really good and effective one, it will turn out powerful with a lot of impact. An example would be for those individuals who work in advertising agencies, where one tagline can already create their entire career.


If we base it on advertising, there are a few keys to consider when it comes to making a great online dating tagline and these are conciseness, simplicity, and sincerity; once you have these in mind, you can go forthe first step which is to determine the match you really want. Focus on the things that are less superficial, then after, combine these ideas with things that best describe you; from there, you can begin thinking of a good tagline for your profile.


  • Be Intriguing and Interesting

Instead of continuously speaking about what you are searching for in a partner, share and exhibit your own qualities; keep in mind that you are trying to get someone to read further into your profile, so make them interested and curious about you. Remember to be as inviting and intriguing in the beginning, but later in the profile, be sure to detail the qualities you are searching for in another person.


  • Always be Truthful

You should always make sure that your tagline fits perfectly with your profile, because if not, remember that it will bite you back sooner or later. We all know that everyone can lie and fake things over the World Wide Web, however, you should know that the truth will always come out once you meet in real life. Always be honest and be yourself.


  • Use Famous Quotes

Use one of your favorite quotes that reflect you and your personality; if you do not have one, perhaps a quote from a certain song will be adequate for your tagline. Even a line from a movie can work as your tagline; and although it may not really say anything about you, it shows that you appreciate that specific film which will entice similar people who appreciate the same thing.



Taglines are vital when trying to catch the attention of your potential partner, and although creating the right one can really be an arduous task, you can still come up with something fun, interesting, and of course, effective. Through taglines, people will hear your confidence so do not give up and you will soon be able to create the perfect tagline which will help you find the right person.