Tips on Creatively Naming Your Cleaning Services

The name of one’s business is undeniably one of the most overlooked element when it comes to starting your own cleaning services; so while you are selecting the perfect name that will work for your business, you should always remember that the name you will select is also going to be the representation of your company’s image that the public will know of first – your company’s materials, the graphics of your service vehicle, the staff’s attire, all of these will display your company’s name.


Now that you have an idea of how important naming your cleaning services is, here are some convenient tips that may help you come up with a really unique and effective name for your business:



  • Name it Based on your Vision of the Business

Determine what your vision is when it comes to your cleaning services; in the near future, do you plan to become the No. 1 cleaning service provider within your area? If yes, think of names or words that can easily reflect and exhibit this reality; if you are focused on providing services with the use of organic, natural, or basically products that are environmentally safe, select a name that displays this concept.



  • Choose a Name that Describes your Business

It is crucial that the name of your business automatically describes your company and the services that you offer; plus, it is also best to describe this perfectly to avoid any type of misunderstanding or confusion on the part of your customers and prospects. If you are planning to service a specific area only, you may want to indicate the location whereyour cleaning services’ business such as Orange County Cleaners.



  • Play with Words to Come Up with a Name

Make a list of words that are associated with your business then play around with them to come up with something interesting, catchy, and unique. Wordplay is considered to be one of the best ways to come up with a unique and original name. You can also utilize keywords that you may find online, or you can also opt for name generators that can be used to come up with ideas for your business.

It would be fun to have your friends and family help in brainstorming various names for your cleaning business since you will have more ideas and suggestions that vary depending on their ideas.



  • Make it Unique but Easy to Remember

Choosing a unique name is good but do not make it too wordy and difficult to remember. If your business’ name is difficult to remember, advertising your services through word of mouth can be highly critical to your success.



  • Relate the Name to your Visual Identity

It may be a little too early to start thinking about the design of your company’s logo, but you want to make sure that it relates to the name of your choice; furthermore, you also want it to automatically translate and explain this into a visual identity. It is a fact that a lot of people picture various images when they hear or read a specific word, so when you incorporate a visual aspect to your business’ name, it may be a very helpful thing to your customers and prospects to easily remember this, plus it can also be a powerful element when it comes to advertising the business.




A catchy and unique name for your cleaning services will make it easier for your customers and prospects to remember your business as well as establishing the brand over time. However, if you still need a few ideas to come up with the perfect name for your cleaning service, you can visit and have a look at Squadhelp to find various name ideas and suggestions that may help you come up with a good name for your business.