Tips on how to Name your Time Tracking App

If you have successfully created your Time Tracking mobile app, you will now have to think of a good name that will fit perfectly for this. What names would be unique, interesting, and catchy while it can also be easy to remember? These are the things you should consider when thinking of a great name for your mobile application.


You will need a lot of thought and creativity to come up with an appropriate name for your mobile application; it should not only be named very closely to its general use and function, but the name should also be something that users can easily connect and identify with. Here are a few tips to help you with naming your Time Tracking App.



Name it based on Relevance and Ease of Phrasing

First of all, you should choose a name that closely relates to the function and uses of your mobile app – select a name that perfectly and adequately describes your application so users will instantly know or have an idea what your app is all about. Plus, you should also make the name easy for users to pronounce and even remember, especially if they want to share their experience with your app to others.



Maximum Characters – Eleven Characters

Choose a name that is short, unique, yet succinct. Remember that long names are troublesome to read and also to remember, so keep it short yet unique, and something catchy will do just the trick for your app.



Get Ideas from Name Generators

If you really cannot come up with a creative name for your app, try getting a few ideas by checking out various name generators online such as and These are easy to use but most of the time, they only come up with simple generic names, so it is better to just get some ideas from these instead of actually getting a name to use for your mobile app.



Check on the Name’s Availability

You may have already chosen a name that is best for your app, but are you sure that it is still available for use? Take some time to do a little research to know if the name you chose is available, or if it is already taken and has a similar name with any other app in the app store. The reason why you should avoid choosing a name that sounds too much like another is that you may have copyright issues in the future.



Never Duplicate

If you have finally chosen a name for your time tracking app – nothing too common, completely different and unique compared to others that can be found in the app store, and is also highly recognizable – you should first make a quick Google check to see if the name you have chosen is not used by various companies or organizations. Remember that just because your chosen name is available for use in the app store, it does not mean that it is also free to be used outside of it and everywhere else.




With thousands of various applications in the app store, the name may probably the only one that sets an app apart from all the others. Remember that you have put in a lot of time and effort to create the application so make sure that you find a name that will perfectly suit your creation; so if you are still having a little difficulty in finding or coming up with a great name for your Time Tracking app, check out a few name suggestions at Squadhelp for more naming inspirations.