Tips on Marketing Your Real Estate Business

In this year of 2016, the realty market continues to grow and flourish since the demand for commercial real estate properties continues to strengthen. Because of this, you too will have to keep up with all the latest trends and ideas when it comes to real estate marketing since these will help you stay ahead of all your competition, as well as it will keep you up to date with the digital age today.


Listed below are some of the best real estate marketing tips that will greatly help your business this 2016.


  • Acquire a Website that is Responsive


Make sure that your online business’ site is optimized to be mobile-friendly since your ability to reach out and pique the interest of even more potential brokers, investors, and even tenants increase due to user experience. Always remember that in this day and age, most of the site visits are done through mobile phones and gadgets, so for you to be able to adequately share and make your company, as well as services known to your target, it is extremely important to make your website optimized for all platforms available for mobile – namely iOS, Android, and Windows – and for various devices such as tablets, desktop PC’s, and more.


  • Create a Real Estate Video that is Viral


Until now, viral videos are still a favorite thing, so if you can capture a person’s attention by posting an insightful or amusing clip, you will be able to easily reach out to a much bigger group of audiences through the power of social sharing. We cannot deny that everyone loves sharing fun and entertaining video clips on Facebook and Twitter; even if your audience is not exactly your target market, they will most probably send your video to someone who is.


  • Boost the Posts you have on Facebook


You most likely have noticed the many changes that Facebook has made during the past year, and the biggest change that they made was the decrease of organic posts that come from business pages in News Feeds. One of the upsides is that Facebook has generally made it easier to spend a small amount of cash to get certain exposure.


When you have established a Facebook page for your real estate business, go to your Facebook Business Page and search for one of the blog posts you have written, a video you have uploaded, or something that you are sure would make a lot of people take notice of and see.


  • Keep Your Blog Active


Having a real estate blog is one excellent marketing tool that can provide a great impact on social media visibility, search engines, plus it is also one great way to start communicating with your potential market. This is your chance to educate clients with various tips, advice, key company updates, as well as highlighting lease transactions while also discussing the many pertinent news in the industry and the local market. Since you are known as an expert in your field, this will be your chance to be able to demonstrate and exhibit your knowledge as well as show your authority in this field.