Tips on Naming your Freelance Business

Naming a business can be one of the most demanding steps in establishing a brand which is why coming up with a name for your freelance company can get a little complicated if you do not know where to begin. Though it is highly necessary for you to select a name that will make a good first impression, it is also necessary that you choose a name that will have a positive impact on your potential clients. Remember to choose a business name that clearly associates with the services that you provide since a lot of clients will base the type of business and services you offer, with your company name.


You can actually choose any name of your choice but there are some things that you have to consider before you come to a final decision when it comes to the name you have chosen. Here are a few things to consider when coming up with the right name for your freelance business:



  • Using your Own Name

A lot of freelancers often use their own names for their business and we cannot deny that there are a lot of positive benefits when they opt for this such as making it clear for prospects to see that your services are affordable and that your business is transparent and reaches a personal level. Additionally, using your own name for your freelance business will be more memorable for your clients and also your prospects.



  • Know your Brand

Before you start coming up with names for your business, it is crucial that you understand exactly what you do and what your business has to offer; who you are selling to and what you are selling – these are important things that you should know to be able to come up with an adequate name for your freelance business and it is generally known as a value proposition. Value propositions are basically the promise of one’s business such as when stating that the company will deliver unparalleled products and quality services.



  • Find Words that can Easily Characterize your Brand

When you have a full understanding of the products that you sell, it will be easier for you to look at words that can easily be associated with your freelance business and services. You can begin by making a list of all the words that you think will work for your brand, then once you have a couple of words listed, take a look at a thesaurus then expand further on these words to see if any of them can be combined as a theme.



  • Combine your Chosen Words into Phrases

When you have finally collected a few words and have gathered them into specific themes, you can begin fusing them into key phrases. This process is slightly less demanding than actually naming your brand yet it is one great way to know how you may describe and characterize your business.



  • Select your Domain Name

There are new websites appearing daily and it has actually become quite difficult to secure an original domain name, but despite this, you do not really have to end up having a lousy domain name for your business. Make use of the pertinent keywords that you have selected and incorporate these to your domain name.




Naming your freelance business can be a tough job yet by following these simple tips, you will be able to successfully create an effective and meaningful name that will work best for your business. If you still haven’t thought of something that can work for your business, you can have a look at some name ideas that have been submitted on Squadhelp which may help you come up with greater names for your freelance business.