Tips on Naming your Landscaping Company

There are almost a hundred-thousand landscaping companies that are present in the United States alone, and if you want your business to stand out, you will have to find ways to come up with unique company names that will always be remembered by people. Choosing a company name for your landscaping services is probably the most vital marketing decision that you will ever make as you develop your business, and to assist you with this challenge, here are some guidelines to consider when it comes to naming your landscaping company.


  • Use Words that Reflect the Identity of your Business


Think about how you want your business to be perceived by your prospective clients then come up with words that can be associated to these. This is one of the very first questions that you will need to begin with once you start naming your landscaping business. So keep in mind that selecting the proper name for your business will always begin with the branding and positioning process.


  • Choose Words that Look and Sound Good


Keep in mind that the business name you choose should be pleasing and appealing to both the eyes and ears of your customers or prospects; when the name you choose sounds good, the chances of people spreading your business’ name through word of mouth will grow even more.


  • Show What you Offer


A great name for any business is one that states what you offer and it also should be simple and easy for your customers to remember. Be succinct when informing people about the services that your business offers to avoid confusing your clients and prospects with other businesses that are similar to yours.


  • Keep the Name Simple


If the name that you choose is simple, people will most likely remember this in just a snap. Unique names work well too but sometimes, people end up forgetting or confusing the name with something else which makes it especially bad for any business. A name that is memorable and simple will be quick to spread since most talks about a company or product reaches other people through word of mouth. Also keep the name short and try to keep it to at least three words or less, and with no more than six syllables to make it easy to remember.


  • Make the Name Unique and Unforgettable


In the business, this is usually referred to as ‘stickiness’; every company aims for a business name that is unique and that easily stands out from the crowd. The name should also be catchy to keep it fresh and memorable over time, but this can be a big challenge since naming trends often change. Creating names that are timeless can be extremely difficult which is why choosing unique company names is something that you should think of thoroughly.


  • Avoid Boxing Yourself In


Try not to choose names that prevent you and your business from growing or expanding, or names that do not let your business add to its services or move around. This only means that you should try to avoid using names that include service categories or even geographic locations. These specifics will only confuse customers when you decide to expand your business by adding more products to your line or servicing in a different location.
Choosing a company name is just like establishing a building; once the cornerstone is in place, its structure and foundation will be aligned to the main stone. Yet if you are still having a difficult time thinking of a name for your landscaping business, why not get some naming inspiration from Squadhelp, or host a naming contest here as well. Naming contests are quick, convenient, and cost-efficient ways to acquire smart names for businesses that may work perfectly for your landscaping company.