Tips on naming your pizza restaurant

Naming your business is a very crucial part, especially at the very first stages in marketing your product. The name is the very first thing your potential customer would evaluate whether to try your product out or not. Thus, finding and coming up with the name, specifically for your pizza restaurant, needs a lot of careful thinking and brainstorming. Just like any other business names, an effective name for your pizza restaurant must always consider the basics of business names. It must be simple, memorable, relevant, and unique to your brand.

In choosing a name for your pizza restaurant, you must consider some of these things in order to be able to come up with the right and appropriate choice.


Consider the kinds of pizza you are selling

Consider the pizza flavors which will be available in your restaurant. Out these flavors, you can pick one which will be your specialty or which will be associated to your restaurant. You can choose a name which will describe your best-selling pizza or the main ingredient of your pizza (e.g. bell pepper, mozzarella cheese, etc.). You can incorporate these into the name or use it for the name of your restaurant.


Think about what makes your pizza unique from other in the industry

What makes your pizza different? Evaluate and think carefully what makes your pizza unique from others serving the same. Ask these questions:

  • What makes my pizza different from other pizzas in town?
  • What is in my pizza which is not¬†being offered by other pizza restaurants?
  • What do I offer to my customers which would make them happy and satisfied for what they are paying for?

Take for example a popular pizza restaurant and delivery business which started small but is now a big name in our town. It sells the same pizza flavors, but the business name capitalized on it offering a bigger piece or slice than other pizza restaurants in the place. The name of this popular pizza restaurant is Big Bites Pizza.


Consider the location of your pizza restaurant

Think about the famous location in your area. You can opt to choose that name for your restaurant. This way, when people search through the Internet on the nearest pizza restaurant, your business has a higher possibility of being included in the search results, thus optimizing search engine results. An example of this is not exactly a pizza restaurant but a popular restaurant which is famous for selling chicken – Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).


You can use your own name

If you choose your own name for your pizza restaurant, people will have the assumption that the pizza sold is being cooked by the owner himself/herself. This is more effective, especially if people know or will know that you are in the food profession (i.e. chef, studied culinary arts, etc.). ¬†You can add an adjective to your name to make more impact. Some examples can be “Gabby’s Pizza” or “Big Bob’s”. These are just examples. You can choose a unique one for your own pizza business.


Whatever name you choose, make sure to always remember that choosing a name is not where you stop in marketing. The most important thing is that you deliver quality services and quality products. Therefore, work hard in serving your customers and giving them the best pizza experience.