Tips on Selecting a Memorable Slogan for your Online Business

Advertising slogans are generally short and memorable phrases that are often utilized for advertising campaigns, and are also considered to be one of the most effective ways to pique the interest of many;good ones should be memorable for the right reasons.

So how can a slogan be extremely memorable while also having a huge impact on most people? If you are creating a brand new slogan for your product or business, you will want to make a slogan that is easy to remember and will also represent your brand perfectly.



Focus on your Uniqueness

Determine what your company’s unique selling point is, then use it to your advantage; make use and incorporate words that tell people about your company and what makes it special compared to others.



Define what you Offer

Slogans are not only simple and memorable, but they are also functional for your business; unique yet easy to remember taglines should instantly and thoroughly explain your services or products so potentials will immediately understand and grasp what makes your business stand out from your competitors.



Simple will Always be best

Select a slogan that is unique yet simple. We often see taglines or slogans that are too lengthy because they say toomany unnecessary things; if it becomes difficult to explain to people in just a few words what your company or business does, communicating your vision and goals to your people will be even more challenging than it should.


Remember that slogans are not present only for your marketing success, but these are also present to gather internal consumers and have them experience the mission and vision of your company.



Recognize your Targets

It is crucial for you to know if your customers and prospects are located internationally, nationally, or locally; your slogan may be easily understood by the locals in your place, however, when tourists come across your company’s slogan, it may leave them curious and scratching their heads in wonder. It is vital to choose a slogan that is clear and easily understood by your targets.


If you are catering to customers from other countries, you must remember that translating your slogan to a different language will change its meaning almost entirely; during some time in the past, a famous fast food chain was launched in a country in Asia – their slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good” unfortunately translated to something extremely off which was “Eat your Fingers Off”.



Gather Input

Being creative may sound like something simple but in reality, being creative is a really arduous and demanding task. However, if your creativity is somewhat lost, you can collect a few inputs from others by using Facebook’s poll to get comments, feedback, and various opinions from your followers; Twitter also has a poll that you can use to get input from your followers. Not only that, but it is also possible for you to start a little slogan contest that has a specific hashtag to track the entries that you gain.




Taglines that evolve with your company is definitely not something you should take lightly, so try to follow these ways to create and select the perfect slogan for your online business that will be memorable to everyone who comes across this. Avoid getting too cute or fancy with your taglines just to attract attention – keep it simple, direct, plus easy to remember and understand. Remember that not all slogans require a figure of speech, puns, or smart rhyming words.