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Top Abstract Business Names – Branding Expert Picks


Say you decide to ask the average entrepreneur, or any business owner, for that matter, what the best brand name is? And what names can best help your start-up stand out as one of the recognizable brands of the world? Chances are you’ll get generic answers and suggestions like using your product’s name or your company’s values.

Little do they know that 72% of the best 100 brands in the world all bear Abstract names. Names like Hulu, Xerox, and Google have all become leaders in their industries mostly due to the catchy and intriguing nature of their business names. And the best thing about abstract names is that they’re virtually limitless. 

Abstract names can either be made-up words, acronyms, or words twisted from original words. Recently, abstract names have become really popular among entrepreneurs everywhere and we’ve seen businesses use intriguing names like; Xobni, Häagen-Dazs, Uniqlo, Alcoa, and an all-time favorite, Adidas.

Intriguing names like these could help you arouse customer’s interest in your brand, and also make them excited to try your products but those aren’t the only things an abstract name can do for your brand.

Here are a few things you need to know about abstract names:

Not Everyone Can Create Abstract Names

It might not sound like much but when you consider how trademarks are growing scarcer by the day, because more businesses are being registered, getting an abstract name right sounds a lot more appealing since a select few are skilled enough to create these brilliant names, that’ll fit their brand perfectly.

If you think otherwise, then ask Jeff Bezos because Amazon used to go by an abstract name of its own; Cadabra, with obvious cues drawn from Abracadabra, but magic didn’t help Jeff drive sales. Instead, the name turned out to be a disaster and was scrapped to make room for Amazon.

One look at the worst brand names and you’ll further understand why you need professionals to tackle your business name generation because the complexities and consequences can be hard to visualize when you go about it without help. With exceptions being sheer luck alone. But, since luck isn’t a business factor, a great place to start with professional help is Squadhelp, the world’s number one branding team.

Yes, You Need Professional Help

Unlike traditional naming methods, abstract names depend heavily on communicating certain brand-specific emotions to customers. And if not executed properly, your brand runs a risk of bearing a damaging name. For instance, how comfortable would you feel hiring ‘Sam, Todd, and Derrick Contractors,’ not bad, right? Now, how would you feel hiring ‘STD Contractors’ for a lower price?

Certainly, you don’t want customers to regard your brand name the way they do ‘STD Contractors,’ so take a look at these examples of what your abstract name should be.

Best Abstract Names from the Experts

These are some top abstract business names specially selected and given the best ratings by Squadhelp’s branding team:   

  1. Häagen-Dazs
  2. Xerox
  3. Orizia
  4. Xobni
  5. Hulu
  6.  Itorix
  7. Axzon
  8.  Saprex
  9.  Kodak
  10.  Zivi

Häagen-Dazs is a great example of Squadhelp’s authority in the branding industry, as the ice cream giant has cemented its name in being the world’s finest producers. Kodak’s , whose founder changed his name to the company’s abstract name and today the company’s worth over $1.4 billion. And then there’s the I.T. Company, Xobni, whose name was drawn from a laterally inverted ‘Inbox’.

Why You Should Consider Abstract Names

Timing is everything to business owners. It’s important that you don’t waste valuable time and business momentum trying to figure out which regular word fits your brand identity because chances are, you might end up running in circles.

Just like we mentioned earlier, abstract brand names can save you the hassle of competing for trademark rights, make it easier to get your brand’s domain and social media handles, and abstract names like Trello sound nice and memorable.

Abstract names equally give the added advantage of associating a brand to a specific word. For instance, when we hear Xerox, we instantly think of printers and photocopiers. A quick online search about brand names like Xerox or Orizia and any other clever abstract name listed above and the results you’d see would all be about the brand alone. 

That’s the power of abstract names, but since there’s a serious backlash if it’s not done right, you need to invest the time and get it done right.


Always remember, your brand name can either make or break your company, and if you need a truly memorable name, then abstract names are a great option.

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