Top Website Builders for Businesses

Hiring an enthusiastically skilled programmer or a company to build and create a website for a business is not something everyone would resort to at all times; some would prefer to tackle this as a do-it-yourself project whether the reason is to challenge one’s self, or because there are inadequate funds available to hire a full-fledged professional to do the job. With that said, there is an affluence of paid and free site builders that are currently on the market, some being user-friendly with an easy to use interface while others offer a more advanced feature for heavier customization and designing capabilities.



  • Wix

If one prefers a free Flash site builder then Wix is the best choice; some people will squabble and disagree that a Flash website is not SEO or Google-friendly as one seems to think, but thankfully, these search engines have made it possible for these Flash sites to be read and ranked adequately. A very notable feature of Flash is that it truly allows a drag and drop functionality, and signing up is convenient since an e-mail, password and username is the only requirement.


  • Weebly

This is considered amongst the favorite of those who use template-based site creators. It is easy and functional to use, sleek and clean looking, plus it also provides a lot of customization options without having to deal with too many advanced and confusing options to design. Other features present for Weebly include drag and drop features to add text, images, as well as other elements that one may require which are all neatly stored on Weebly’s left-hand sidebar. Remember that elements can only be inserted onto entitled areas on a page.


  • WordPress

Although WordPress is generally a blog platform and not a website builder, a lot of companies and businesses take advantage of this as a website platform and it actually ranks high for smaller businesses; an example of this would be which is actually established on WordPress. The good thing about this is that if a business owner is on a tight budget but still wish to build a sleek yet simple design, it is possible to build a site for free on WordPress. However, if there are enough funds available to build a website, one can get a custom domain name that you own for $15 per year while having the platform point to it – this is as close to free as any of those free site builders with your own personal domain.


  • SquareSpace

SquareSpace gets a good handful of attention because of its style, full features, and the fact that it is inexpensive. It will let your business website run with $8 a month if you choose the basic package, while their Commerce package runs at $26 a month. This current site builder allows for building an HTML5-ready website that focuses more on commerce but also hits the stride when it comes to analytic tools and its ability to work adequately for mobile devices.


  • DoodleKit

It impressively has a lot of templates plus it is good with its editing functionality, enabling you to put photos and items anywhere on the page. The free version of DoodleKit is limited yet allows up to 5 pages and a blog. After the free level, the paid plans are still affordable so taking advantage of this site builder will be of great help as well.




If your business is among the fifty percent of small companies that do not have a site, these may greatly help you create one which is definitely necessary for the business. Each one of these site builders are worth a look so take some time to study these then create one for the business.