Unique Ways of Creating Brand Logos for your Blog

When coming up with different ideas to create an eye-catching logo for your blog, it is essential that you understand how much it can affect your business since this platform is often driven by content. We all know that blogging sites are naturally type-based so it can become quite challenging to pique the interest and the attention of readers in an instant.

There are numerous bloggers present and most of them have unique and solid logos that can easily help them catch the attention of readers – eventually turning them into loyal subscribers who will continue to support your company or business in every possible way. Design surrounds us entirely and in every way, plus when we speak of logos, it serves as a quick reminder to the general public of a specific product or company.

For clients, the logos of a company or business is a symbol that reminds them of the existence of a specific company or brand; while the logos for you and its designers represent the challenges of fusing the beliefs and outlook of clients in a single graphic logo. Designing logos that represent the company while also catching the interest of the customers can be a really challenging task, so you would definitely require a lot of time to perfect and master the skills of creating one effectively.


Here are a few unique ways on how you can create a brand logo for your blog:



  • Ensure that you have an Idea

You should not rush into creating a logo without even having a clue of what you want to exhibit; spend a little time to think and brainstorm on some smart ideas then note them down, and try focusing on random keywords that are connected to your business’ blog.

Do you want it to be simple, classic, elegant, or fancy? These simple keywords may help you with the logo creation since you can come up with different ideas for the type of font to use, the colors that will be utilized, as well as the shape of the logo that you want for your blog.



  • Make Use of the Right Colors

It is really tempting to use a lot of colors to make your logo eye-catching, but remember that the colors must all blend perfectly together to make it catchy yet pleasing to the eyes. You should consider how your logo looks together with your blog’s theme – does the color blend? Does the logo stand out? You have to make sure that the combination of colors work well with each other to avoid blogs and designs that are painful to the eyes.


  • Know the Logo 101

Remember that logos that are effective should be appropriate, distinct, graphic, practical, simple in form, but sticks to the mind. Here are the basic principles of logo designing that you should have an idea of when creating your own logo:


  • A logo should be simple
  • It must be memorable
  • The logo should be enduring
  • It should be versatile
  • Logos should be appropriate



  • Typography Matters

The typography of a logo is necessary because these will also be incorporated into the header’s image; and because of this, you will need to find a font that stands out in a pleasing way. Generally, typographies vary depending on your audience, as well as personal preferences but remember to avoid complicated fonts such as those grunge or macabre type fonts.