Ways to Create a Name for your House Painting Business

If you love and enjoy DIY home improvements and plan to establish your own business, starting your painting business can be extremely rewarding. The industry of painting may seem simple to others yet it is one of the most competitive industries where excellent business names can help you stand out.


Selecting a name for your business can be one of the most crucial challenges you will face once you begin developing your house painting company but remember, the name that you select should assist potential customers to easily understand if you cater to commercial or residential painting services. It would also be great if the name that you choose will provide hints about the people behind the company.


A name that is not appropriate or effective for your business may possibly send your company downhill, so remember to utilize your creativity and always remember to communicate your business’ purpose. The more creative and smart the company name is, the easier and better it will be to sell your services. With that, here are a few ways to come up with excellent painting business name ideas.


  • Generations


One of the most important things that give potential customers a lot of confidence is the stability of a business. Creative names that establish a long family history provides customers with that sense of stability, showing that your business has been around for generations. One of the best ways is by making use of your last name as the business’ name, then follow this with “generations family painters”.


  • Consider your Target Market


One of the most simple and creative ways to name your business is by helping your prospects understand what type of clientele you are catering to. Make use of the words residential or commercial right after your name, unless you cater to both customers, make use of the phrase all-purpose, which can also be utilized by specialty companies.


However, if your company does concrete painting, you can add the phrase “concrete painting” right after your last name so prospects will be able to determine what services you offer.


  • Tweak and Play with Words


Playing with words and giving them clever twists can be used to identify your house painting business; it is also another excellent way for you to come up with business name ideas that can be highly memorable to your target market. However, you should remember to still keep things simple and easy to remember to make it easier to share via word of mouth.


  • Make Use of Colors


Painting is generally about applying colors to houses, buildings, and other establishments so one smart way to name your business is by making use of your favorite color, or a shade that you can associate with your business. For you to be creative, try to not to use just the common names for colors and add some twist to these like Blanched Almond, Dark Slate Gray, Jet Black, and a lot more.


  • Get Some Assistance


If you try to come up with great names for the business but still cannot bring out those creative juices, you can try to use name generators that can easily be found online, or seek the assistance of a naming expert to get the job done. Yet there are cons when it comes to these options; name generators provide names that are too cliché, general, and do not really have an impact while hiring a naming expert can be really expensive compared to hosting your own naming contest.


If you need smart naming ideas or want to host your own naming contest, sites like Squadhelp can greatly help with your naming concerns. It is a very efficient, helpful, and cost-efficient way to acquire smart names for your business since creatives from all over the world will provide you with excellent naming ideas – definitely a great way for you to get that perfect name for your business.