Ways to Create Catchy and Unique Taglines for your Business

The mission and vision of a company states all of the plans, goals, and future aspirations that a brand or service can achieve; so when labeling a brand, company, or service for it to stand out, you will need more than just a few great company name ideas and a brand’s theme and design, you will need to create an effective tagline or slogan that has an impact on your clients and prospects.


Taglines, or sometimes called slogans, are noteworthy and significant phrases that are commonly combined with a company’s advertising campaign or logo. This is known to be the most effective way to draw the attention to a single or more features of a brand or product. Most of the time, taglines represent a brand, service, or company’s mission statement; an example of this would be corporate slogans that are most often used to build up a company’s growth. Today, having slogans seems to be a requirement to accompany brand promotion since catchy business name ideas will not be enough if there is no memorable tagline that backs up the name.


Here are a couple of ways to create catchy and one-of-a-kind taglines that will surely catch the attention of your customers and prospects.



  • Keep Things Simple


When you think of efficient and catchy company name ideas, they need to be unique, catchy, but simple. This also applies to when you come up with catchy taglines for your business. Remember the ninety-second rule: “You only have a minute and a half to connect and engage with your audience, so make use of your time wisely.” Keep your taglines simple and short so these should conform to the one-sentence rule.



  • Keep it Honest


We all know that honesty is important, so can you actually deliver and adhere to the promise stated on your tagline? If not, then you should definitely rethink and remake this. It is also smart and better to avoid using words and language such as “the best”, “Number 1”, etc. Why should these be avoided? This type of communication is boring and actually hard to believe even if it were true.



  • Try to Make it Naturally Funny


If you have the ability to make the tagline funny and bring some humor into it, do not waste the chance and do it.  Try to inject a fun joke or two into the tagline but make sure that it does not come off as corny or obnoxious in a way. Remember that even if adding a few jokes into the tagline or slogan is good, only adopt jokeswhen appropriate and necessary.


Remember that the joke should be natural, so if you cannot make it funny, choose another option instead to create your catchy tagline or slogan.




Taglines should effectively communicate and connect with your clients and prospects, the benefits of your services and business that will make a lasting, memorable, and positive impression. Although highly necessary, creating unique business name ideas alone, even if it is interesting and one-of-a-kind, is not enough to completely and thoroughly describe your business’ products or services.


Taglines are the most necessary tools to promote benefits and features of your company, so remember that these should be clear enough for your audiences to understand and remember, and if you think you still need a few words or phrases to create your own catchy and unique tagline for your business, you can have a look at Squadhelp for great naming and tagline ideas that help you come up with great taglines for your business.