Ways to Select the Most Effective Domain Name for your Blog

An efficient and effective domain name will allow your website to be easily remembered by your audiences, will make it look professional, plus it may also change web host solutions at will. With the vast number of websites already available and even more of them appearing each day, it is highly necessary for you to be creative when it comes to thinking of domain names that are unique and not already taken.

Apart from other possible reasons, you want to choose an excellent name for your domain, your website, and your blog to begin with since you will most likely be stuck with that specific domain name for the whole time your website or blog will be around. However, you will be given the freedom to change your domain hosting provider whenever it is necessary but remember that the domain name will still be the same, no matter what.

With that, here are some ways to properly choose an effective domain name that is appropriate for your blog:



Make use of Keywords

Keywords can be used in your domain name so that it can describe your site and what it features; your domain name should convey what your website/blog is all about since it is crucial that your audiences will instantly get the idea of what the blog is all about just by catching a glimpse of the domain name.



Easy to Remember

Domain names should always be easy to remember since your audiences would want to return to your blog without having issues reaching this; they must be able to type your blog’s domain name for occasional revisits, and if they cannot remember your domain name, there is a high chance for you to lose potential traffic. Furthermore, it is also easier to share through word of mouth, the presence of your blog if the domain name that you have selected is easy to remember.



Keep it Short

Aside from choosing a domain name that is easy to remember, you should also select a name that is short with not more than ten characters. Just like the ‘easy to remember’ tip, keeping the domain name short will help your audiences to better remember your domain name.



  • .com

The most top-level and famous domain that everyone knows of is the .com and it can really be difficult for you to find an available one for your name. Generally, anyone who is required to create a domain name must favor a .com, yet if you plan to sell some products in a specific country, you may want to consider a domain that is country-specific such as co.uk which is specifically for the United Kingdom.



  • Keep the Creativity Going

Remember that most single word domains are already in use so you may need to come up with your own word; with that, you can try combining two whole words (YouTube), mix together portions of two words (Microsoft), tweak a certain word, join words with a suffix or prefix, or just make up a completely unique and different name.




Keep in mind that not all of these suggestions work for everyone so it is up to you to try and test which ones work best for your domain name creation. Here are some of the names that have been submitted to Squadhelp which can be helpful when it comes to creating domain names for your blog:



For additional name inspirations and suggestions, click here to find more great ideas that you may utilize when creating your blog’s domain name.