Ways to Successfully Name your Travel Blog – Name for Travel Agency / Travel Blog

If you have finally decided to start blogging about your trips and adventures to eventually turn this into a full-time business, you must ensure that you utilize a few things before you actually begin the journey with your travel blog. One of the most vital things that you must think of and consider is what to name this which is just as important when you start coming up with smart business name ideas for a company or business.


Remember that effective blog names can instantly or easily bring you to the top of your niche, while an ineffective name can instantly destroy you. With that, here are some of the things that you should consider when it comes to successfully naming your travel blog.



  • Make the Name Short yet Memorable


An effective name for your travel blog should be short, easy to spell, easy to remember, and easy to type which makes it convenient and easy to share to promote your blog to those who could be prospective readers. It is highly recommended that you sit down and start brainstorming by writing down different words that you think will best describe and suit your travel blog.


Write everything and anything down and play with words, then combine them until you come up with something interesting, catchy, but easy to remember. A thesaurus helps a lot, as well as input from family and friends.



  • Blog Title = Blog Content


It will be more helpful if you know what you will be writing about in your travel blog: will it be the traditional dishes that you have tasted in the different places you have visited? Or will you write about the entertainment or nightlife scene in the city you have gone to? Remember that the name of your blog should connect and be equal to the content of your blog to relay your messages effectively to your target readers.



  • Ensure that the Domain Name is Available for .com


Try not to go for the .travel, .org, .net, or whatever seems ‘cool’ at the moment; everyone thinks and knows the .com and that is what you want to have for your travel blog. There is a reason why a lot of online business owners or blog owners buy .org or .net –because.com is unavailable for them to utilize since someone else already owns it. The person who owns the .com does not necessarily have to use it right then and there, so if it is unavailable now, it may be available in the future.


As much as possible, it would be better if you get the .com for your site since the .net, .org, or anything else might lead your customers and prospects to the wrong site, making them think that a site that has a similar name with yours on .com is your website. This is also similar when you are trying to get a .com for your company name ideas because generally, the domain name of travel blogs should be in .comsince not many know about these other name extensions.



  • Think Long-Term


You need to think hard and long when it comes to choosing the name of your travel blog, and just like with business name ideas, you will need to think of this thoroughly. Remember that once you think of a name, you will use this for as long as you can because changing your blog name later on will be difficult in many ways.


If you still need a few more ideas to come up with a name for your travel blog, you could take a look at Squadhelp for great naming ideas that you may take advantage of for an efficient and successful travel blog name.