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What’s a Non-Domaining-Focused Skill that Every Domain Investor Should Learn?


We recently took to Twitter to ask Domain Investors a question.

What’s a Non-Domaining focused skill that every Domain Investor should learn?

The answers ranged from Patience to Marketing to Chess. Here are some noteworthy responses:

Patience seemed to be the #1 answer.

Some people got technical.

Does anyone actually know how to adult?

Trust us… we know.

Learn to recognize opportunities.

The three ingredients.

There’s more that goes into Domaining Investing than one may think.

Being able to find and communicate with the right prospects can make all the difference.

Be confident, but not cocky.

Comes in handy during tax season!

Check out the rest of the responses and insights on Domain Investing at our Twitter!

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Insights from 30,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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