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Contest Winner: brom4880

  • Contest Type

    Naming/Company Name

  • Title of the Project

    Brand Name for My Mens Athletic Wear

  • Type of Name


  • What is your Business/ Brand about?

    To Help men feel comfortable in their activewear so that they have the confidence to exercise and therefore become the best version of themselves. We do this by ethical means. We produce well fitting, stylish mens activewear.

  • Want a .com URL?

    Yes, the .com URL should exactly match the name.

  • Acceptable Domain Extensions


  • Type of Business

    1. Clothing Brand
    2. Fitness & Health Brands
    3. Fitness - Shopping
    4. Online Marketplace

  • Tell us about your customers

    What is my brand positioning?

    ? Males aged between 35 and 45years in his prime earning capacity.
    ? He earns between 150K ? 200K per annum.
    ? He owns his own home with about half his mortgage paid, he also has up to 3 investment properties.
    ? His family car is a Toyota prado, and he still hangs onto his motorbike for personal use.
    ? Working to middle class.
    ? Loves to watch the footy. (Weather Rugby, League, Soccer, AFL, e.t.c)
    ? Plays golf occasionally in a social setting rather than serious golfer.
    ? Enjoys a lunch or dinner out and is comfortable in a pub or a restaurant. Likes the pub with the boys, also really enjoys the finer restaurants with his wife or groups of friends.
    ? Visits the gym anywhere between 2 and 5 times per week.
    ? He is hard working.
    ? Married or in a long-term relationship.
    ? He is ambitious in everything he does.
    ? He is conscious of his health and believes in a healthy body, healthy mind mantra.
    ? He is happy in shorts and a shirt but likes to look stylish, particularly when going out.
    ? He is fun loving and has no problem laughing at himself.
    ? He is Easy going until the line has been crossed.
    ? He is very sociable, enjoys being around other like minded people.
    ? He is confident in his own ability.
    ? He is no "computer programmer" but tech savvy enough to cope with modern life.
    ? He likes to be productive with his time.
    ? Loves his family dearly
    ? Utilises Facebook and Instagram.
    ? He is financially healthy and has a bit of an entrepreneurial streak.
    ? He won?t admit it but he does enjoy status symbols.
    ? He is probably a member of an online wine club as he has started to enjoy wine over the last 5 or so years.
    ? He will have a number of productivity/self help books in his bookshelf
    ? He has recently discovered listening to podcasts in the car or whilst walking.
    ? The only jewelery he wears is his wedding ring and he has a work watch and an expensive watch that he wears on social occasions.

  • Additional Details

    Please see the files/ mood boards in the files below to give a further idea of my customer. 

  • What Style or Character should the brand convey?

    I would like this name to say that this person is "The strong silent type", "Quietly confident", "considerate of others",

  • Primary country for the brand or business


  • Additional Documents

    Weekend customer.docx

  • Names We Like

    Yuki Threads, Hers & Sirs, The North Face,

  • Names We Don't Like

    fit, beast, train

  • Unique aspects about the business or brand

    1. Ethically made
    2. Pride ourselves on the cut of the garment

  • Maximum number of letters

    I'm only looking for a short name (less than 10 characters)

  • Maximum number of words

    Two Words

  • Preferred Style of Name

    1. Powerful
    2. Modern
    3. Open to All

  • Preferred Type of Name

    1. Real Word (Apple, Amazon, Adobe)
    2. Creative Spelling (Flickr, Digg,
    3. Made Up (Meebo, Praxo, Zumba)
    4. Blends (Sharpcast, Instagram, Wikipedia)
    5. Compound (WordPress, Facebook, SnapChat)
    6. Play On Words (EyeQ, Sole Mates, Rentlemen)
    7. Open to all ideas

  • Premium Domains Allowed


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