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    Naming/Company Name

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    Brand Name for an Organic Plant Protein Range

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  • What is your Business/ Brand about?

    I'm developing a Plant-based Protein powder as an alternative to Whey based products. Here are some of the reasons why plant protein is a growing part of the market. (https://www.idealraw.com/blog/plant-based-nutrition/plant-protein-vs-whey-protein/)
    It's hard to get a good plant-based protein substitute when you don't eat meat so I have been working with a food supplement company here to develop the product. There are other plant-based products on the market some good and lots not so good. I have listed some of the more well-known US brands below;
    1) Vega Protein & Greens, Plant Protein Shake,
    2) Garden of Life Organic Vegan Protein Powder with Vitamins and Probiotic Plant
    3) Fusion Complete Plant-Based Protein Powder
    4)Purely Inspired Organic Protein Powder, 100% Plant Based Healthy Protein
    5) Garden Of Life Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein
    6) Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Organic Plant-Based Vegan Protein Powder?

    I can send on plant benefits, to give you a holistic view of what I'm looking for. 
    I'm going to have to work with a tub & label for the packaging for now. However I want to move to some eco-friendly packaging once I have some traction with the product, for now, I'm just trying to get started (on a budget.)
    The primary target is going to be health/ fitness conscious people or vegans/ Vegetarians that want to supplement their diet.

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    Yes, But minor variations are allowed

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  • Type of Business

    1. Food & Drink
    2. Fitness

  • Name of company/brand

    Brooklyn Greens

  • Tell us about your customers

    The primary target is going to be health/ fitness conscious people or vegans/ Vegetarians that want to supplement their diet. This will be from 20-50yrs

  • Additional Details

    Below are several selling points that make this product stand out among the plant proteins:

    20g Protein Per Serving

    <1g Sugar Per Serving

    7g BCCA & glutamine

    • Gluten Free

    • No Dairy

    • No Soy

    • NON-GMO

    • Hypoallergenic

    • The product is free of "the dirty 8" - It contains no soy, dairy, wheat, gluten, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors.

    • The product has been formulated with organic inulin for prebiotic support. 

    • The product contains an enzyme blend for easy digestion.

    • Also, it contains sprouted, fermented Amaranth - There is an actual study showing the benefits of Amaranth on health (link is below), and sprouted, fermented Amaranth is even better. It's a unique component of this product, and makes the powder more nutritious and easier to digest than many other plant-based proteins.


    We will also be donating a portion of the profits to a charity (www.kivulitrust.org) supporting underprivileged children in Kenya. 

  • What Style or Character should the brand convey?

    This should be a premium, health-conscious brand with a fun personality. Ideally, I would be introducing other products under this brand range. The product name will be a description of the product so the brand name should be strong enough to stand out against all of the above products.

  • Primary country for the brand or business

    United States

  • Additional Documents

    Rebirth Whey Protein Label-2lb-Chocolate.png

  • Names We Like

    Lyft, AirB&B, Ollie, Muji,

  • Try to incorporate these keywords or ideas in the name

    Organic, Healthy, Clean, Pure, Protein, Fitness, Good for you

  • Unique aspects about the business or brand

    1. Organic Plant Protein is the healthiest way to provide the protein the body needs to build all tissues, build and maintain lean muscle
    2. Pea protein has been shown to help maintain LDL cholesterol and triglycerides already in the normal range.
    3. The highest quality ingredients from one of the top US food manufacturers

  • Maximum number of letters

    I prefer a short name, but I'm open to all good ideas

  • Maximum number of words

    No Limit

  • Preferred Style of Name

    1. Descriptive

  • Preferred Type of Name

    1. Real Word (Apple, Amazon, Adobe)
    2. Blends (Sharpcast, Instagram, Wikipedia)
    3. Compound (WordPress, Facebook, SnapChat)
    4. Play On Words (EyeQ, Sole Mates, Rentlemen)

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