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Contest Winner: JanaPollard

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    Naming/Domain Name and Company Name

  • Title of the Project

    I do PERSONAL STYLING/ORGANISING, EVENTS AND INTERIOR DESIGN.....I need a name for my business that captures the essence of these three!! I'm at it 6

  • What is your Business/ Brand about?

    My brand is a high end styling and organising business. I style and organise people, events and homes. I do the tasks that daunt/overwhelm other people. I have an eye for style and I execute flawlessly in all 3 areas.I am your go to girl for all styl

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  • Type of Business

    1. Fashion & Clothing
    2. Interior Design
    3. Party & Event Planning
    4. Entertainment & Arts
    5. Event Planning & Services

  • Additional Details

    Is it your dream to hand over the responsibility and have someone else organise your life? We do exactly that, No task is too small and no event is too big! Do you need help in the following areas: • An Interior Designer to turn your house into a home. • An Event Organiser to plan your big day or that special event. • A Personal Organiser to organise and de-clutter your Home/Wardrobe/Life • A Stylist to get your look right. • A Peronal Shopper to get the perfect gift for a loved one or that beautiful outfit you want. • A P.A for a Day, exactly what you need to kickstart those buy/special days. The above is some of the services I offer. As you can see I offer many services. To break it down it comes into 3 categories Lifestyle/ Personal Style Interior Design Events My company will have different sectors and I plan to expand over time bringing in other freelance designers to my business to help it grow and prosper. To begin with.... 1. Will be providing the actual services I have listed above to my customers. 2. Will be an online blog which will detail all my work and articles of interest surrounding Lifestlye, Events and Interior Design. I have already spent 6 months on the name...A long time yes!! So it's not that I haven't tried I have. I have done focus groups trying to get a name with different people and some have been very good but the .com domain is already taken or other names are great but they don't convey the product well. I have read up on how to choose the name, looked at the methodology behind other companies names and I have struggled majorly with grasping a name that sits with all 3 services that I offer. I think that I have sat with it a little bit too long now an my mind is stuck in the same track so I want to hand it over to someone who will give it a genuine go. I don't want a generic or girly name which is quickly put together like All Style or Styled by Sharon. I want something classy, sophisticated, strong and memorable that people can easily relate to and that fits with my brand. Short, sweet and unforgettable and most importantly that allows my brand to grow. I had a few names with style but I was conscious that it may be limiting in future so I got rid of those names. So to finish if you feel ye are up for the challenge i'd be very happy to hear from you. Looking forward to your response. Sharon Louise O' Keeffe

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    I don't have a preference

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    No Limit

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