Winning Submission

Contest Winner: Promann

  • Contest Type

    Naming/Company Name

  • Title of the Project

    yes another web design/development/tech company - need help standing out

  • What is your Business/ Brand about?

    web design / development / social media marketing / SEO/ hosting / email / tech support

  • Want a .com URL?

    Yes, But minor variations are allowed

  • Acceptable Domain Extensions


  • Type of Business

    1. Web Design Agency
    2. Marketing Agency
    3. Marketing & Advertising

  • Tell us about your customers

    small businesses that need one number to call for a variety of technology problems

  • Additional Details

    I have been freelancing for quite sometime under the name of my fishing charter web design business. I am starting to get a lot of business by word of mouth that is other than fishing captains that need websites or booking systems. I need to move away from the fishing theme and create a web development/ Information Technology business that is more broad so if clients non-related to sportfishing want a website or tech support they aren't confused when they get an invoice with a marlin logo on it! My company offers a wide variety of services related to technology. Mostly focused on web design but really building a business relationship with the clients and helping them with whatever they need. Instead of just churning out websites and waving goodbye I continue to help my clients with their business. I usually build their website, migrate their email, then configure for SEO and then move on to their social media marketing. I build ecommerce websites and handle payment gateway integration. I even offer local IT services to businesses in the Florida Keys. I provide monthly subscriptions as a type of insurance in the event they get hacked, want to make small changes at no hourly cost or want free security updates and ongoing SEO changes and monitoring. I provide web hosting, email hosting, and e-commerce integrations. I recently sent this to a potential customer and thought to myself hmm maybe my company name should have something to do with this thought process. "Your rights as my customer: I will not leave you with a website you do not like, if you want to make changes you can tell me, you will not hurt my feelings! I want you to LOVE your new website and will work hard to make sure you do. I take project work payment up front so I will NEVER hold your business or website for ransom for non-payment. As for subscriptions with me you may cancel your subscription at ANY time for ANY reason without penalty. If you wish to use anyone else as your hosting or web development service provider for any reason I will make it a very easy and pain free transition to your new service provider!" Anyways I am open to a lot of ideas, the key is that I want it to be a somewhat short or at least easy to remember and I want it to be a dot com. That is the difficult part because so much of them are already taken. It doesn't have to be something obvious as long as its memorable. With hard work and SEO ability even a name that isn't associated with web design or technology can become so.

  • Names We Like

    Moz, Linkedin , GitHub, Shopify, Ubuntu, stackoverflow

  • Names We Don't Like

  • Maximum number of letters

    I prefer a short name, but I'm open to all good ideas

  • Maximum number of words

    Two Words

  • Preferred Type of Name

    1. Compound (WordPress, Facebook, SnapChat)

  • Premium Domains Allowed


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