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perfect name

Yes. All of the names in the Squadhelp marketplace are hand curated by our team of marketing experts. But how do you know which one of the many great options is right for your new venture? Here’s how to pick the perfect name


Great names have gravitas, humor, intrigue, descriptiveness, and/or emotional resonance. When choosing a name, first ask yourself if that name helps you to create a very strong tone for your brand.


Determine if the name captures your unique brand fingerprint. There are many ways to align a name with the most important aspects of your brand. A name like PayPal is fun and descriptive of the actual services provided, while a name like Robinhood tells is based upon company ideals and brand story.


Of course, a name should sound good—in the naming world we call this euphonic—but more importantly a name should appeal to your target audience. Even if you believe that a name is remarkable and contextual, take a minute to think about how the name will be perceived by your customer. Does it align with the most important expectations they have for your brand?


Consider these concepts (1) Read to speak: If you read the name from a piece of paper, will you be able to say it; (2) Hear to spell: If you hear the name, will you know how to spell it; (3) Speak to hear (AKA the Crowded Bar Test): If someone says the name to you in a noisy environment will you still be able to make out the name.


Is anyone else using that name, or a similar name, in your industry? Not only is this important to prevent confusion with customers, Trademark law prevents you from using a name that is the same or similar to your competition. If there is any doubt, it’s best to consult a licensed trademark attorney. We can help. (Click to open chat)

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