About your Business
  • In your own words, what is your business about?

    We help successful Founders become great CEOs.

  • What is the single most important thing that sets your business apart from the competition?

    Each week we interview dynamic, inspiring, and successful Founders as they share their insightful stories and practical tips that make becoming the CEO more fun, stress free, and easier to build and scale the company and life of their dreams. Todd Uterstaedt, our CEO, is super passionate about Startup CEO success and wants to help boost Startup CEO leadership capabilities, confidence, and mindset so that they can: 1) Build, scale, and lead their company commensurate with their dreams and aspirations 2) Maintain control of their company 3) Enhance their company?s valuation for possible succession or a profitable exit. It?s leadership development for the busy Founding CEOs.

  • Tell us a fun fact about your business

    On almost every podcast episode we convince CEOs to sing, rap, or perform their favorite leadership quote in their best theatrical voice. One CEO even played the keyboard to his favorite quote. He was real good, too.

  • About your Squadhelp Experience
  • What was your primary reason to use Squadhelp?

    We needed to find a name for our new, unique, virtual peer group for Startup CEOs. It's like no other service in the marketplace because it brings together Startup CEOs from different cities to help them scale themselves, their teams, and their companies in a dynamic but confidential and safe setting. We knew we needed a unique name but all the naming agencies were too expensive. We read about Squad Help in Dan Shapiro's book, HotSeat. We thought it was a genius idea to crowdsource names from creative minds around the world. So, we decided to give it a try. It worked. We came up with our new name: Trail Team 10

  • How did the Squadhelp experience help you in your branding process?

    It truly was a fun, exciting, and magical experience. The Creatives that participated in our naming contest were super helpful and really committed to our challenge of finding a unique name that resonated with our ideal client and was different and fresh.

  • What surprised you the most about your Squadhelp experience?

    We were most surprised by the the number of quality names that were generated. These were names that were thoughtful and really took into account our preferences. Plus, the refinement process and interaction with the Creatives really made us feel like we had our own team working day and night for the perfect name.

  • About Leadership
  • What is your favourite leadership quote?

    Good leaders must first become good servants. - Robert Greenleaf

  • If there is one piece of advice you can offer to other entrepreneurs , what would that be?

    Build something that matters.

  • About your Brand
  • What is the name of your business or brand?

    From Founder To CEO