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    Name a nonprofit consulting firm that works with governments and nonprofits to build Pay for Success projects

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    This nonprofit consulting firm works with governments and nonprofits to build Pay for Success projects. The firm uses government data, data analysis, analytics, statistics, performance management techniques, and rigorous evaluations to design and build Pay for Success contracts that provide financing to the most effective human-service nonprofits, thereby helping those individuals most in need, while saving government money. Here is a video from McKinsey and Company on Pay for Success projects (also called Social Impact Bonds): http://www.payforsuccess.org/authors/mckinsey-company

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    Yes, But minor variations are allowed

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    The people that decide to pay for building the projects are state, county, and large city government officials, including Mayors, Governors, Representatives, Senators, Council members, Treasurers, officers in the Office of Budget and Management, and Directors of Human Service departments. Funders of the projects include Nonprofit CEO's and CFO's, Philanthropic Foundation officials, and Impact Investing professionals. Ultimately the customers are those who receive the services funded by the funders and organized into a project by this firm. They are underserved populations experiencing some negative social outcome, like homelessness, being in the child welfare system, in the juvenile justice system, or in the adult justice system, having a drug or alcohol problem, or not having access to adequate educational services.

  • Additional Details

    Here is a video from McKinsey and Company on Pay for Success projects (also called Social Impact Bonds): http://www.payforsuccess.org/authors/mckinsey-company

    Here are two competitors' write-ups of what they (and we) do: 



    Here is a write up of a social impact guarantee, which this firm will also build: http://www.thirdsectorcap.org/blog/social-impact-guarantee/

    So far, I've been operating under the name "The Pay for Success Fund" while doing the initial work, setting up the company. But - this is not the best name. In fact, not only do we need a new name, since this organization will have two entities, we need two names for:

    A Nonprofit Management Company (501(c)3), focused on building Pay for Success and Social Impact Guarantee projects. (Frequently organizations like this end in XXX Group, XXX Partners, XXX Advisors, XXX Associates. But it doesn't have to have those endings.)

    And an Investment Company (B-corp), which hold the funds that pay for nonprofit services. (Frequently impact investing funds like this end in XXX Group, XXX Fund, XXX Capital.)

    Some inspiration from "new public management":

    A government that puts people first, by creating a sense of mission, delegating authority, replacing rules and regulations with incentives, developing budgets based upon results, exposing government operations to competition, searching for market rather than administration solutions, and, whenever possible, by measuring the success in terms of customer satisfaction? and outcomes.

    A few priming words: Impact, Social, Performance, Mission, Promise, Capital, Pay for Success, Innovation, Social Impact Bond, Program, Guarantee, Results, Outcomes, achievement, enterprise, finance, incentive, ripple, verified

    Motto is something like:

    Mission Driven, Performance Oriented

    Mission Driven, Results Focused

    Igniting Public Sector Innovation

    Using Finance for Good

    Other funds that are in the impact investing space (some PFS specific):

    Living Cities has a fund called "The Catalyst Fund"

    "The Community Outcomes Fund" which is managed by "Maycomb Capital" (It is named after the town in "to kill a mockingbird.")

    GreenLight Fund

    Acumen Fund

    Root Capital

    Initial Ideas:

    Results Capital Group/Partners/Associates/Advisors/Fund/Capital

    Capital Performance Group/Partners/...

    Performance Capital Associates/...

    Pay for Success Advisors/...

    Pay for Success Fund/...

    Mission Driven Capital Associates/...

    Mission Driven Capital Fund/...

    Public Innovation Capital Group/...

    Public Innovation Capital Advisors/...

    Public Capital Innovation Group/...

    Outcomes Capital/...

    Outcome Economics 

    Innovation Amplified 

    Civic Capital 

    Impact First Capital 

    Performance Finance 

    Impact +

    Spark Capital

    Impact Engine

    Social outcomes fund

  • What Style or Character should the brand convey?

    Social Impact, Innovation, Professionalism, Expertise, Intelligence, Good Government, Government and Data Transparency, Data and Analysis focus, Efficiency, Collaboration, Private Public Partnership, Finance for Social Good, Dynamism, Iteration on What Works, Trust, Social Insurance, Social Impact Guarantee, Paying only for Successful Social Outcomes

  • Primary country for the brand or business

    United States

  • Names We Like

    Results Capital, Results Capital Group, Results Capital Fund, Public Innovation Capital, Public Innovation Associates, Public Innovation Advisors, Civic Capital, Impact First Advisors, Impact First Capital

  • Unique aspects about the business or brand

    1. Focused on Social Impact Guarantees
    2. Consult, implement, and fund projects (unlike other firms that only consult)

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    I don't have a preference

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    No Limit

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    1. Classic (Traditional/Serious/ Elegant)
    2. Experiential (Descriptive, Visual)
    3. Intriguing

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    1. Open to all ideas


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