• Contest Type

    Naming/Company Name

  • Title of the Project

    Needs Catchy Name for New TRAVEL Business - Please Help

  • Want a .com URL?

    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL

  • Type of Business

    1. Hotels & Travel

  • Tell us about your customers

    Familes, Busy Professionals, People looking for Disney or Cruise Packages. 20-40 somethings

  • Additional Details

    Hello - We need your creative help here.... We are about to launch a new Travel Website and Business. As most of you know, the Travel Industry is overly saturated and most cool names have already been taken. We feel we have a unique business model and a large client base already established. We Just need a new name! This will not be marketed on the National scale. We plan to primarily market in the Northeast and in the South. We are a small home-base Travel Service wanting to increase overall revenue. We specialize in Disney Travel, Family Adventure Travel, and Cruises but we will book anything that comes across our desks.... Because we mainly specialize in Family Fun Adventures we are looking for a name that says, (something) Vacations.com We are looking for a name that is Catchy, Quirky, and Fun. But also, conveys a sense of Confidense and Professionalism. Whatever word you come up with, it must go well with or end with Vacations or Travel. We prefer Vacations. Some words we are considering but just can't seem to match up..... Magical Sky Epic Wish Wishes Dream Castaway Fantasy Dreamaway Imagination Spirit Pro Web URL availability in a .Com is preferred but not required... Thanks so much and Good Luck!! Thanks!

  • Names We Like

    Travelocity.com, Dreamscape Vacations, Orbitz, Dreamcast, Travelpro, Vacation pro, Touch of Magic....

  • Maximum number of letters

    I don't have a preference

  • Maximum number of words

    No Limit


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