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    Need Slogan for Weight Loss Contest

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    1. Fitness & Health Brands

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    Women Age 25 - 60

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    We are a weight loss center and are having a contest where four women will compete to see who can lose the most weight. We are partnering with a radio show and the talent will be featuring our contest for eight weeks. The radio station came up with the slogan "Bikini Bootcamp" for the contest. The problem with this slogan is that it does not truly reach our demographic, which are women between the ages of 25 - 60 where the real goal for their weight loss is to get healthier and look better but certainly not to the extent where they look like a supermodel in a bikini. The other problem with the title is that the word Bootcamp is misleading as well because we do not put our patients through a strenuous exercise program. Our weight loss is medically supervised and there is an exercise component but is only a small part of the overall program - the main focus is diet. We need a slogan for this contest that is catchy but does not miss our demographic. The contest will be eight weeks in length and the winner will be the person who loses the most weight in that time. We will be getting four women about the same size and build to compete for the prizes, which will be an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas for two and new clothes. WE NEED SOMETHING THAT IS CATCHY FOR A CONTEST AND NOT A SLOGAN FOR A COMPANY - PLEASE USE THE WORD "CONTEST" AT THE END AND IF IT DOESN'T WORK THEN DON'T SUBMIT IT

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