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    Promote howto-guidebook.com - A revenue sharing, user authored site

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    1. Other

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    Anyone who knows how to do anything and wants to tell others how to do it, earning a little cash in the process.

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    We need to drive quality traffic to our site from people who are looking to earn a little extra cash writing online. Our site is a place for sharing How-To guides on almost any topic, where most of the content will be written by the users of the site- This is where you come in; We need you to drive as many potential new authors to the site as possible. We operate a revenue sharing program on howto-guidebook.com, sharing 80% of the Adsense revenue from ads displayed within the How-To guides on the site with their author. The winner of the contest will not neccessarily have driven the most traffic to the site but will have provided the best converting traffic, generating the most new active author sign-ups. We don't want poor quality traffic from automatic traffic generation, or other artificial means- only genuine, quality traffic from Social Networking sites, forums and websites please. No paid links please.

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    No Limit

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