• Contest Type

    Naming/Company Name

  • Title of the Project

    Name for an Engineering Consulting business

  • Want a .com URL?

    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL

  • Type of Business

    1. Agency - Technology Consulting
    2. Agency - Consulting Agency
    3. Agency - Web Design Agency
    4. Agency - System Integration

  • Tell us about your customers

    Engineers, managers and procurement departments

  • Additional Details

    We are starting a engineering consulting company. We specialize in instrumentation and control (I&C) systems for power plants. Specifically, we are experts in designing modern digital systems that provide automation and data acquisition. We do not have any products; we sell our engineering knowledge and experience. Our current clients are only in the nuclear power industry but one day we might expand to other types of power plants. The name should be professional but easy to say and remember. The name should easily translate into a web domain name. For legal reasons, the business name can not contain the word or any form of the word "engineer". Example: "Super Engineering" is prohibited. Here are some keywords that we encounter daily: design atom neutron fission flux nuclear digital automation control power energy computer software safety quality

  • Maximum number of letters

    I don't have a preference

  • Maximum number of words

    No Limit


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