• Contest type
    Naming / Domain Names
  • Title
    Name a tech startup in Online learning!
  • About Business
  • Extension
  • Type of Business
    Information Technology
  • Target Customers
    Subject matter experts, bloggers, authors, influencers. 30-50 years old. They are smart, entrepreneurial, internationally savvy. Motivated by growing their brand, becoming the expert voice in a certain topic area, sharing their knowledge.ple
  • Detailed Brief
    We provide a simple, all-in-one software platform for experts to teach online courses through their own self-branded websites. Experts range from professional coaches to top-tier authors & speakers. We want the name to convey simplicity, elegance, and growth.

    DO NOT include traditional education terms like ‘edu,’ ‘brain,’ ‘school,’ ‘open,’ ‘class’, 'scholar', 'academic'

    This is a B2B business – ‘online course in a box’. Experts use our tools to create a course, apply their own branding, set a price, and integrate it into their websites. We are focusing on self-paced content.

    - Business, leadership, entrepreneurship
    - Software, technical, coding
    - Career coaching
    - Life coaching/motivational speaking

    - Consumer aggregator/marketplace of lots of online courses
    - Selling to traditional teachers & educators
    - Real time help portal
    - Virtual classroom software
    - Webinar software
    - Gradebooks and class management technology
    - Course authoring software
    - We are not a non-profit

    - .com is required
    - Easy to pronounce and spell
    - Short, memorable, 2 words max
    - I am attracted to clever mixups like Shopify, or fun to pronounce like Weebly
    - DO NOT include traditional education terms like ‘edu,’ ‘brain,’ ‘school,’ ‘open,’ ‘class’, 'scholar', 'academic'
    - DO NOT include student terms like ‘learn’ and ‘study’ – our customer is the expert, NOT the student
    - DO NOT include any derivative of ‘MOOC’
  • Names We Like
    Shopify, Weebly, Eventbrite
  • Any Keywords to include
  • Maximum number of letters
    No Limit
  • Maximum number of words
  • Style of Name

  • Tone of Name


  • lucycatters Contest Holder

    Would love to see more 'master' variations.

    • 2 years ago  • 
  • lucycatters Contest Holder

    We have an international customer base, so relative to other US companies I have a higher priority on 'easy to spell'.

    • 2 years ago  • 
  • lucycatters Contest Holder

    Customer is the expert, not the student. Also, avoid traditional education words like student, scholar, academic.

    • 2 years ago  • 
  • lucycatters Contest Holder

    Max domain length of 12. Wasn't able to edit this in the contest brief.

    • 2 years ago  • 
  • lucycatters Contest Holder

    Wasn't able to edit this in the contest brief.

    • 2 years ago  • 

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