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    Naming/Product Name

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    Crossfit Apparel

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    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL

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    1. Fashion & Clothing
    2. Fashion or Clothing Brand
    3. Fashion & Clothing
    4. Mobile App

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    crossfitter, curcuit training

  • Additional Details

    A sports clothing line that has a functional purpose along with comfort and style. The inspiration has come from half marathons races such as Tough Mudder and Spartan Race where the participates were required to complete a set of obstacles. In order to serve the functional use, the clothing line will rely on performance fabrics that assist the athlete in performing his or her’s sport in a comparable manner. High intensity workouts cause the athlete to sweat more than usual and generate body heat, thus the fabric must move the sweat away from the body and keep the body dry and cool. crossfit apparel which use performance fabrics to keep the body cool and dry, and some provide muscle compression as well. As for the brands themes, well, there are has two themes 1) military theme, where the items are dark and suppose to put the person wearing them in the mind set of battle "crossfit class". 2) bright neon colors for the purpose of standing out and attention. what brings them together is the concept of "high tech fabrics" to provide fashion and comfort. please dont use the words "cross" or crossfit in the name. We are looking for something original

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